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I will be identifying using examples, the purposes of written business communication in four different business contexts to do this

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´╗┐Unit 8 ? P1 Susan Idieho In P1 I will be identifying using examples, the purposes of written business communication in four different business contexts to do this: First I will explain in full detail what business communication is. Next I will explain what the Red Lion hotel is. Then I will explain what written communication is and how it?s used. After that I will explain the purposes of written communication and give examples of the way they are used. Finally I will be creating four scenarios which are going to be: A letter to a costumer informing them how their complaint shall be dealt with, a flyer advertising the Red Lion hotel, a letter informing an employee of a promotion and a business card advertising the Red Lion hotel. ...read more.


Red lion hotel is a very successful Hotel business that has a total of 22 Red Lion hotels around England. Red Lion hotel was first founded in the 13th century by an order of Carmelites. Over the years the hotel was used by travellers as a welcome rest inn and even by king James the first when taken ill on a journey from Newmarket in 1619. Today the Red Lion owners have done much to keep the original history and character of the hotel. The hotel can be booked for various entertainment factors & is a widely known venue where celebrities like David Beckham have attended. ...read more.


and respond for example if you needed to send a piece of information to a friend you could send an email or text message. In a business environment if you want to send a piece of information around you could send a written memo or letter. Another purpose of written communication is to have evidence of something for example a written document that could have the conversation between two people discussing an incident that occurred that would need to be shown to the manager. Another purpose of written communication is to carry out a message in a clear and readable way so that the person reading the message would be able to read it without having difficulties and respond back. ________________ | Page ...read more.

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