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I will investigate and identify how important customer service really is to J-Sainsbury's and Tesco.

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I will do a report on two different businesses and found how customer service is dealt with, within the business. The two businesses I have chosen to base my coursework on are J-Sainsbury's and Tesco, which are both public limited companies. I will investigate and identify how important customer service really is to J-Sainsbury's and Tesco. Also I will identify how customer service is in both businesses and will also statement any improvements, which I think could be made to both businesses to ensure a higher quality of customer service. What is a customer? A customer is anyone who goes out shopping to purchase a good or service. Customers are considered to pay for products and be involved in a transaction between the business and customer. It is important to consider that a customer's can be both internal and external to a business. What is customer service? Customer service is how the customer is dealt in store and also how customers are dealt after they have purchased goods or service from a business. Customers expect a high standard of customer service, in order to keep them satisfied. This is very important as it gives an impression of the overall performance of the business. Good customer service would result to high level of sales and the business will stay on the competitive side, compared to their competitors. E1. Importance of customer service to J-Sainsbury Customer service for J-Sainsbury and Tesco is a very important function, as a good customer service would give J-Sainsbury's and Tesco a good reputation, resulting in an increase in customers shopping at J-Sainsbury's and Tesco. J-Sainsbury's mission statement, which, states that J-Sainsbury's mission, is to serve customers the best quality and choice to meet their everyday shopping needs. By looking at J-Sainsbury's mission statement I can judge that J-Sainsbury's take pride in the customer service that they provide to their customers. ...read more.


All of these are going to be needed to provide good customer service at Safeway's. The benefits of having satisfied customers at Safeway's 1) Satisfied customers - when customers are satisfied they would come back to shop again and this would lead to an increase sales. 2) When sales increase more profit would be made and some employees could get an increase in their pay. 3) A good public image - with this most of the public would recommend their family and friends to shop at Safeway's because of the services and facilities provided cf. 4) An edge over the competition of rivals. The cost of having dissatisfied customers at Safeway'sc1) Dissatisfied customers - when Safeway's have dissatisfied customer's the company would lose customers 2) A bad public image - with this problem Safeway's is going to lose their reputation against other supermarkets 3) With out any customers shopping, Safeway's is going to lose a lot of money and could go bankrupt The consequences of poor customer service for Safeway's are that customers are going to be angry with the service because of: 1) Lack of staff e.g. if there's no staff around to talk to 2) Lack of staff knowledge e.g. when a staff is trying to sell a product she/he would not know what the advantages or disadvantages are 3) Fallen profit 4) Not getting new customers bd. 5) Increasing costs e.g. main taints bills, wages, business rates, rent etc Task 2codd The situations that require staff at Safeway's to have contact with customers It is important to realise that dealing with customers is not always about selling them something. There are many different situations in which customer service is provided, for example: 1) Providing information - e.g. any special offers, company information or any jobs 2) Giving advice -e.g. different types of brands, the times that isn't that busy at the supermarket or types of different loans 3) ...read more.


there's 1000 cans of bens in total but when 900 of them are brought there's 100 left so he system automatically order another 1000 tins of bake bens Access to the building and services Safeway's has a few types of access to their stores e.g. - car park, this will attract more customers to shop at Safeway because they would not have to worry about where to park when they arrive there but not all the time there are spaces to park your car this is because some people park their car so they could shop around the local area for Safeway to overcome this problem they should issue a ticket when you go in their to park your car and the ticket should be only for two hours -Lifts, are very important to because most car parks are two floor so customers could take their shopping easier up to the second floor. Disable people could use it too it they can't walk up stairs -Caf� coffee shop, after shopping some of the customers are going to a bit tired so they might go in to the caf� to have a cup of coffee and even better is Safeway could do an offer (if you spend over �20 you could get a free cup of coffee) -Children pen, for busy mothers shopping they could leave their children in a little area with a few trusted adults looking after them while you as a customer could shop more easier and quicker. -Toilets, is could be a good way for customer to stay longer at Safeway because they could spend more money. SafewaycIf Safeway improves these issues they will be a bigger and better company. Safeway should not forget that the most important thing in a business is a customer that will keep the business running. Safe's jobs is to treat their customer the way they will like to be treated ...read more.

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