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I will look at what segment of the market each shop is targeting. Then I will consider which factors are most important in doing this.

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Because there are many shops selling clothes for women in St. Albans city centre it is important for them to segment the market, they need to provide themselves a niche in the market. Segmenting the market is when companies divide the market in to different segments so they can aim their products at a specific area of the market. By segmenting the market the company can provide the products that their customers want and aim any advertising at them. Shops can segment the market using different factors including sex, age, income and lifestyle. It is then important for the shop to attract its target market because that is who will buy their products. Method I will do this by investigating the following shops * Kishimo-Jin * Pilot * Next Firstly, I will look at what segment of the market each shop is targeting. Then I will consider which factors are most important in doing this. I will investigate the products they are selling, their prices, the quality of the items, the shops layout and window display. ...read more.


Often these women are working or mothers of young children with good incomes Next offers good quality averagely priced clothes, shoes jewellery and accessories. There is a very large range of clothes for women and Menswear, Childrenswear and Next Interiors (a range offering goods for the home e.g. Curtains). By offering such a huge variety of products Next broadens its market to cater for the whole family. This makes it very popular with the modern working mother. All the clothes, both casual and smart, are fashionable and modern. There are two Next shops in St. Albans, one with the Womenswear, Menswear and Interiors and the other with just Childreswear The Interior of the shops are modern, clean and organised yet full of items. The shop fronts are simple but the Next sign stands out as this is a well-known symbol of the shop. My survey told me that many of the people in Next look around the store each time they visit the town centre because they know what it offers and think they will be able to find something they like. ...read more.


They all used similar criteria to segment the market but some were more important than others were. For example, income was the most important factor for Kishimo-Jin as well as for Pilot but Pilot also relies on the age of the customer. However Next used lifestyle as a key factor in their market segmentation. Each shop attracted their target market by using the image of the shop which includes the window display and layout of the shop. However, the most important factors for shops to consider when trying to attract their target market is the style and type of clothes they sell as well as the price and value for money they offer. These two things are important because they effect the demand for the products Next uses the method of broadening its market to include the whole family to successfully attract its market. However Next also shows signs of trying to change its market. By changing its clothing style it now competes with Gap and previously by offering Menswear, Childrenswear and Interiors is has moved to compete with Laura Ashley and BHS. Next can do this as it is a well known shop and people will be willing to try its new ideas. Word Count=1075 Emily Froud 10J ...read more.

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