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Identify and analyse the relationship between the business's training and development programme and its management of performance and explain how these two functions may be influenced by different motivational theories.

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Identify and analyse the relationship between the business's training and development programme and its management of performance and explain how these two functions may be influenced by different motivational theories. Haydons performance management can use target setting to help management of performance it a way to help teachers set them selves targets that enable the to achieve their full potential. It is also used for pupils where the teachers set them targets to meet so they get a good grade at the end. Monitoring and feedback from performance management reviews includes at least one classroom observation for the teacher. Classroom observation happens in training and development to help focus on the teacher's strengths and weaknesses, teaching ability and knowledge on the subject. After the observer gives feedback to the teacher this makes the teacher aware of weaknesses and will help to improve them. This will help Haydon as teachers will improve their ability to teach and should improve exam results. In 2001 Haydon announced, "We will set new objectives and discuss future professional development activities. ...read more.


As they have appointed two governors to carry out heads performance management review. The head has decided who shall act as team leader for each teacher on the basis of responsibilities for learning in school, a judgement about who has the best overview of the teacher's work and the ability to provide support to staff. In doing, the head has delegated reasonability to an appropriate team leader to ensure that the reviewer is responsible fro a limited number of reviews. In some cases this is the head. We will try to limit the number of reviewees to four. This is so the reviewer doesn't have to deal with to many people as it takes up a lot of their time. Abraham Maslow theory Performance management is linked with this theory, as the employer needs to receive training to move up the hierarchy. The employer will feel more motivated as they receive more training and they will feel Haydon is taking an interest in them. As the employer gains more training and experience they will be able to perform better, meet objectives and work their way up the hierarchy. ...read more.


This gives them Hertzberg's satisfiers, as they will have a sense of job fulfilment. I think the Abraham Maslow theory is the best for Haydon as it can be assessed easily by performance appraisals so Haydon know what training they need to give an employee to move them up the hierarchy by giving goals for the employer to achieve more at Haydon. But I also think that Haydon have to use Hertzberg's theory as if the hygiene is poor then the workers will be de-motivated and the performance of the school will go down so the hygiene needs to be good enough to keep the employees motivated. I think that training and development at Haydon is influenced by this theory because X employees are not worth developing and training they are not interested in Haydon and would not improve or get promotion. Haydon would be wasting their money if training them, as it would not benefit the school. Y workers would want to be developed at the school and receive training as they are motivated and what to aim high in Haydon and gain extra reasonability. Near enough all of the staff at Haydon are theory Y employees. ...read more.

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