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Identifying 3 Customer Types

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What Are a Customer and why are they Important? A customer is defined as someone who pays for goods or services from another individual, business or organisation. Customers are extremely important to the world's financial system because without them businesses will fail to make money which will result in the loss of millions of jobs. Special Needs Identifying a customer with special needs is a challenging area of a business. Some won't be able to speak clear English or if they are disabled and can't speak at all. ...read more.


Customers who are blind or visually impaired ASDA have Braille signs and buttons around the store to help them get around safely. ASDA cater for customers who are hard of hearing by installing hearing aid machines at key points in the store such as kiosks and checkouts. This allows them to hear staff clearly. ASDA don't really cater for non-English speaking customers but employees are encouraged to use short sentences, write things down for them, speak slower than usual and ask for assistance from other colleagues if required. ...read more.


A lot of stores now see the benefits to that and will adapt their layouts to fit with their target customers. Individuals vs Groups or Families A lot of businesses such as hotels, theme parks and cinemas now cater especially for groups or families. Many will now concentrate on offering groups or families' discounts or special offers as a way to increase their sales. ASDA in particular cater to families, they have a multiple selection of trolleys with the larger ones having built-in child seats which are more suitable for larger families. ASDA also have an area for mothers or fathers to change their babies' nappies. ...read more.

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