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If the company does not have an effective process of hiring staff then they could hire people that are not right for the job they are applying for resulting in poor performance overall and employees leaving. When companies have a structured interview

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Human Resources Report Unit 2 Recruitment in the workplace Ferhat Say Content Introduction Task 1- AO1 1. Recruitment and selection process 2. Induction programme 3. Employee motivation 4. The legal dimension Task 2- AO1 5. Introduction to RCI 6. Job roles available at RCI 7. RCI process and analysis of how other companies approach: -Recruitment and selection processes -Induction programmes -Employee motivational packages and methods Task 3- AO3-AO2 8. Analysis of key recruitment and inviting successful candidates to the interview 10. Selection of Final documentation 11. Selecting the final candidate 12. Letter to successful/unsuccessful candidate Task 4 AO3-AO2 13. Induction programme 14. Motivational package Task 5 AO4 15. Judging effectiveness 16. Research methodology 17. 1improvments 18. Appendices A. Witness statement B. Minutes of group meeting C. Advertisements one and two D. Person specification one and two E. Job description one and two F. Application form one and two G. Final documentation and results H. Interview schedule I. Interview's assessment/evaluate score sheet J. Selection results sheet K. Application documentation a. Covering letter b. Application form c. CV L. RCI benefits package M. RCI induction package N. Agenda and Minutes: Job role, tasks and responsibilities Introduction Recruitment and Selection Recruitment As far as I understand, the interviewers of a business interview candidates so that they can get the right person for the right job. They need the right people for the job so that the organisation can be in its top form at all times. If the company can achieve this then it can improve, develop and compete with other similar organisations. If the company does not have an effective process of hiring staff then they could hire people that are not right for the job they are applying for resulting in poor performance overall and employees leaving. When companies have a structured interview, they can see which candidates are suited for the job by following a rigorous process. ...read more.


Individuals as well as or instead of the organisation may be prosecuted for breaches of the Act. The HSW Act also imposes a duty on all employers with a total of five or more workers to produce a written health and safety policy. Consultation with workers on health and safety The law requires that employers must consult with workers on health and safety at work matters. The Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977 give recognised trade unions the right to appoint safety representatives to represent workers and to carry out various functions. Where an employer recognises a trade union, which has appointed, or is about to appoint, safety representatives under the 1977 Regulations, then the employer must consult those representatives on matters affecting the group or groups of employees they represent. The Data Protection Act Under the Data Protection Act, we have a legal duty to protect any information collected from you. As part of the delivery of services and information through this website it may be necessary to process personal information. This information can be held in manual files or on computer and it is used to deliver council services. Only the minimum appropriate personal data is requested and held, and it is only kept for so long as the purpose requires. Information collected by Wrexham County Borough Council will be stored and processed in databases owned solely by Wrexham County Borough Council. We will not provide any of your personal information obtained via the web to other companies or individuals unless required to by law. Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health 1988 (COSHH) Complying with COSHH involves: Assessing the risks to health arising from hazardous substances at work and deciding what precautions are needed, Preventing or adequately controlling exposure, Ensuring that control measures are used, maintained, examined and tested, If necessary, monitoring exposure and carrying out health surveillance Ensuring that employees are properly informed trained and supervised. ...read more.


Centre, Kettering, Northamptonshire, Inbound Call Consultant Tel: 01942 352532 facsimile 01942 465754 website: www.rci.com Application Form Position: __________________ Location: ____________________ Personal details Please circle: Mr. Mrs. Miss Ms. Surname: __________________ First name: __________________ Address: __________________ Date of Birth: __________________ ______________________________ Nationality: __________________ ______________________________ Post Code: __________________ Tel (Day) __________________ Tel (Evening): __________________ Are you related to anyone in the company (please circle)? Yes No Please give details: ___________________________________________________ Have you worked for the company before (please circle)? Yes No If so please give details: _____________________________________________ Have you ever been convicted a criminal offence (please circle)? Yes No If yes please give details: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Next of Kin Name: __________________ relationship: __________________ Address: __________________ Telephone: __________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Qualifications GCSE's A levels Subject Grade Subject Grade Degree Subject Grade Present/Last employment Name: ___________________ position: _____________________ Address: _________________ starting date: _____________________ __________________________ Leaving date: _____________________ __________________________ Salary/wages: _____________________ Reason for leaving: ___________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Any other relevant/additional information: _________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Medical Questionnaire Surname name: ________________ First name: _______________ Date of birth: __________________ Please circle if any of the following information apply or has applied to you in the past? Circulatory problems such as varicose veins, phlebitis, thrombosis? Yes No Heart problems such as angina, high blood pressure, heart attack? Yes No Chest problems such as asthma? Yes No Diabetes? Yes No Epilepsy of fainting attacks? Yes No Skin disorders? Yes No Recent operation of fraction? Yes No Any currant medication? Yes No Back trouble, arthritis, rheumatism? Yes No Injury to bones, joints, tendons, including wrist tendons? Yes No A claim for industrial injury? Yes No Any other significant health problems (sight, hearing, skin, brain)? Yes No Details: _________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ I hear by declare that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and I understand that should I knowingly fail to disclose material facts to my medical history then the non-disclosure and not notifying the company of any new information effecting my medical health may result in my summary dismissal. ...read more.

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