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If You Were a Teacher How Would You Teach Personal Finance and What Lessons Would You Want Your Pupils to Learn

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If You Were a Teacher How Would You Teach Personal Finance and What Lessons Would You Want Your Pupils to Learn Personal Finance [1] is a term which is used to describe when people manage all of their financial decisions whether they are transactions, borrowings and or transactions. This is an important lesson for pupils because they are at the stage of their personal life cycles when they have a lot of demands such as new phones and games. This makes personal finance ever so important as pupils will be looking to spend. I would make my lessons entertaining as well as give them responsibility. Firstly, the key lessons I would want my pupils to learn will be about managing their money wisely and not being rash to spend it. Another lesson I would want my pupils to learn would be about what need and wants are because a lot of pupils will buy things that they think are good without think about the longevity and the use of the product. ...read more.


However, the pupils will have some money left over which they can then use to live a healthier, more social or entertaining life. All of their actions will have consequences ie. If they went out for clubbing and consumed alcohol then they would have a negative impact on their health. The purpose of this would be to teach the pupils that they cannot have everything and that money is a limited resource which must be used with great care. It will teach them to make choices with the greatest benefit to them. Moreover, I will make sure that the pupils will be exposed to the current economic situation which is of economic recovery. This will help the pupils to understand the severity of the current economic situation that even though it is improving it is still quite bad. Hence, helping them to realise the importance of personal finance and managing their money. ...read more.


The reward system will be there to promote a good working ethos within the class and make sure that the pupils are working hard at all times. I believe that this is the best method because it allows the students to have fun and learn at the same time [1]- http://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/personalfinance.asp ________________ Summary The essay is all about how I would like my lessons to be much more interactive than how the current lessons are on personal finance. I would like to use power points and application rather than worksheets as I believe that students will retain more information. Moreover, I would like to apply a lot more application to the current economic status of the UK so that the students can relate to the current situation rather than an old case study. Finally, I want the students to learn the basic lessons of personal finance such as borrowing, saving and spending which will mean that they will be better prepared for the future. ...read more.

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