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Illegal immigration

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In the last few months, the topic of immigration has been a big issue with lawmakers and the people in the US Congress. Many who immigrate to the United States of America are just trying to better their lives. They are fleeing oppression, dealing with chronic unemployment, poverty and little or no opportunities in their homelands. By coming to America they are hoping to find a better way of life. However, in the process, they face some tough issues regarding immigration and the legal process, some choose the legal approach and others do not. For illegal immigrants it is often harder and usually more dangerous for them to cross our borders but most often quicker then going through the legal process of becoming a US Citizen. ...read more.


Illegal immigration has, in most cases, an enormous negative impact on our economy. On the other side of the debate, illegal immigration has helped our economy profoundly. Not only does it keep the economy moving by filling low-wage jobs, it creates a pool of consumers for a variety of goods and services. Farmers are able to plant and harvest less expensively. In addition, illegal immigrants who own property pay real estate taxes, they also pay sales taxes, open bank accounts that yield interest which keep the economy going, and those who purchase auto insurance contribute to insurer's profit margins. Finally, in many cases America provides a better lifestyle for those who enter the country illegally. ...read more.


The United States has always prided itself on being a nation of immigrants, a "melting pot" where people from all over the world come to find freedom and a better life. But it has also been an issue of who enters and who doesn't. Americans have opened the doors for some immigrants and also slammed it shut to others. The arguments go on and on about whether immigration affects the economy in a bad or good way. Are the immigrants themselves being victimized? Or are the new measures targeting illegal immigrants fair. There are two sides to all the issues, that affect immigration and the answer is different to each individual. It is important to know the information on this issue in order to be able to think critically about it, before forming your own opinion. ...read more.

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