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Importance of terms and conditions of employment

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Importance of terms and conditions of employment As starting a new job the Employment Rights Act says that all employees must be given a copy of their terms and conditions of employment, which should be given within a month. The terms and conditions of employments includes thing like wages, working hours and sickness pay etc. Also the business has rules and regulations which everyone needs to follow. The employees and employers need to know each other responsibilities within the workplace. It also specifies the rights from the terms on which the employee can legitimately challenge made by the employer. It also shows what the employer is needed from the employee. The implied terms are terms which are applied to both employers and employees is obvious but both of them need to abide them and if failure to do so would be breaking those terms. The employee needs to abide the health and safety rules. If they fail to do so then some one can get hurt or injured very bad then the employer can be sacked from work or even maybe prosecuted but if something has been damaged then they will have to pay for the damage or pay compensation to whoever that has been injured. Honesty is the best policy at work mainly, all employees should be honest and be trustworthy all the way. ...read more.


If the employee does any accident then they can lose their job and be prosecuted. If training is given then it increases more reputation to the business. As well as implied and explicit terms and conditions of employment, all employment law applies to both employer and employee. These laws all been listed before in my assignment. The Race Relations Act 1976 This term makes it unlawful for any person to be discriminated by their race, nationality, ethnic, origin and ground of any colours. Both direct and indirect discrimination apply in this term. It covers employment, educational, vocational training, social protection and access to goods and services. There are a few important circumstances under which discrimination may be justified. If anyone is being racist to the employee then the employer can go to jail then be put in jail for racist remarks or actions if not they need to give evidence why they not employing the person. This all leads to a lot of complications and the business reputation will be low and maybe ruined. Working Time Regulations 1998 Under this term all employees are only allowed work for up to 48 hours maximum per week, averaged over a 17 week period, unless they are in an excused occupation. The ages 16-18 year olds are limited to working 40 hours a week and are not allowed working on night shifts. ...read more.


This also can be expensive to facilities which may need to be adapted to take new laws such as different language and layouts for disabled. The whole total costs of legislation are higher in a large company than small business. On the other hand the potential impact on small businesses maybe greater. All businesses will need to follow equal opportunities policies when recruiting and other conditions of employment which may be knows as 'good' employers by potential employees such as they may be able to attract more candidates. Overall terms and conditions are important as these give employers and employees where they stand. Dispute and argument can happen less due to what is on the terms and conditions such as basic pay, hours worked etc. It is also important to carefully draft the employee's statement of terms and conditions. This gives proper notice to the contract documents and employer can help himself with numbers of important right which could be an important value later on in the employment relationship. Finally employers need to know if they are fully utilising their statement of employment which will help them to their benefits. Also the employer should make sure they avoid going to employment tribunal's as this can make then give compensation to employee and leave there business with a really bad reputation. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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