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In short tem Quality Craft Carpet Ltd should focus on direct marketing strategy to capture the potential customers and generate rapid purchase. Although they are new in foreign market but they had potential

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Introduction Quality craft carpets Ltd was established by William Jackson and John Turner in 1989 at UK tradition carpet making town Kidderminster. Kidderminster has the UK largest carpet manufacturing industry established hundred years ago. When William Jackson and John Turner established the firm, there was decline in UK carpet manufacturing industry, but they both had a good experience in production and loom tunning. The main objective of the Quality Craft Carpet was to manufacture traditional, woven good quality Axminster carpets in which they both had a good experience which in the competitive advantage they have on the other competitors in the industry. Due to the decline in the carpet industry that time import s of the synthetic tufted carpets from North America and EU were taking an increasing share of over 40% of UK market. By this time company decided not to deal with carpet superstores, largely because profit margin was low, as bulk purchasing power enabled them to demand low margins. The company was operating very successful in UK market because of good quality and good marketing sales strategy. The company has not attempt to sell its product abroad but after consideration they have decided to expand there business overseas. It has found that initially USA offered the best potential for the immediate future. However, it has been decided that if company will have initial success in USA they will try to enter the Middle East and Japan. ...read more.


Physical distribution: transporting and storing the goods, Financing: getting and using funds to cover the costs of channel work, Risk taking: assuming the risks the channel work. Foreign companies might have problems to enter local market. For Quality Craft Carpet it would be better to have indirect distribution channel rather than sell product directly which involves low risk, loss investment. Promotion is the specific mix of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations a company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives. If you are an entrepreneur, you most likely have limited resources and you are still learning about the market. Information gather is extremely important at this stage of the game. The trick is the start the revenue stream without spending too much money. The objectives that are met by promoting are to move the target market through the following phases: Unawareness -> Awareness -> Beliefs/Knowledge -> Attitude -> Purchase Intention -> Purchase It is believed that consumers cannot skip over a phase, but they need to move through them. Promotion is used to move the target market from one phase to another to finally purchase. Quality Craft Carpet needs to offer some promotion to get into the market. Middle East After establishing successful business in USA, Quality Craft Carpet Ltd have a opportunity to further expand there business to Middle east which has the potential buyers. The Middle East is very established and fast growing market and they have showed promise in medium term. ...read more.


These attitudes, feelings and beliefs may be partially independent of a group or its social setting, but are more likely to be revealed via the social gathering and the interaction which being in a focus group entails. Compared to individual interviews, which aim to obtain individual attitudes, beliefs and feelings, focus groups elicit a multiplicity of views and emotional processes within a group context. The individual interview is easier for the researcher to control than a focus group in which participants may take the initiative. Compared to observation, a focus group enables the researcher to gain a larger amount of information in a shorter period of time. Observational methods tend to depend on waiting for things to happen, whereas the researcher follows an interview guide in a focus group. In this sense focus groups are not natural but organised events. Focus groups are particularly useful when there are power differences between the participants and decision-makers or professionals, when the everyday use of language and culture of particular groups is of interest, and when one wants to explore the degree of consensus on a given topic. This method will help Quality Craft Carpet to collect and analyze proceed relatively quick for further marketing decision. Through focus group results are not representative of the total general population opinion but it gives us a rough estimation of market opinion. Survey Survey research is the most widely used method for data collection. It is the best approach suited to gathered descriptive information. ...read more.

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