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In the following assignment, the various issues of recruitment in childcare will be discussed; this will include the integration and retention of qualified and experienced members of staff.

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THE SUCCESS OF ANY CHILDCARE ORGANISATION IS DEPENDENT NOT ONLY ON APPROPRIATE RECRUITMENT BUT ALSO THE INTEGRATION AND RETENTION OF QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED MEMBERS OF STAFF * EXPLORE/ DISCUSS THIS STATEMENT * COMPILE A FOLDER OF DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED TO SUCCESSFULLY RECRUIT A NEW EMPLOYEE WITHIN YOUR CHOSEN ORGANISATION. In the following assignment, the various issues of recruitment in childcare will be discussed; this will include the integration and retention of qualified and experienced members of staff. Other factors that will be discussed include legal requirements, legislation, equal opportunities, job descriptions, person specifications and the process of recruitment. The above, will all be related to the above statement as to whether the success of any childcare organisation is dependent not only on appropriate recruitment but also the integration and retention of qualified and experienced members of staff. This will be discussed in relation to the appendix, which includes job descriptions, person specifications, advertisement sites, an application form and an overview of organisation for applicants' perusal. Howard Green 1994 states "The task of appointing staff has always been of crucial importance, for the quality and commitment of staff is vital in ensuring that the whole curriculum is effectively provided for pupils." (Green: 1994:109) Within recruitment, the aim is to get the right person for the job. It could be said that hiring the right people is the key to success within any organisation. The recruitment process needs to be quick and efficient and part of the reason for this is due to expenses. ...read more.


The job description on pg. 5 does not provide as much detail as Pg. 3, although describes what the candidate is required to teach. This job description is designed in such a way that it would only appeal to qualified teachers. It identifies various aspects of the job although only very briefly. It is straight to the point and would help in the process of recruitment as only candidates who would be capable of teaching all the aspects required would hopefully apply. The job description on pg. 7 and 9 are what the school provides to new members of staff. Although the candidate will already have read the job description, this is a second job description which is part of the school policy. The new member of staff would be required to sign the second job description which contains more detail than the first. It could be said that the second job description would not help with the recruitment process and in the retention of staff as the first job description does not give the full picture. It could be said that some candidates would feel that the organisation had not been honest with them in the first instance and once they have accepted the job, they are being forced into accepting additional responsibility. A person specification is an extension of a job description and describes "the ideal person for the job" (Jackson 1997: 52) A person specification would clarify whether the job advertised is what they are looking for and whether they have the necessary requirements. ...read more.


According to Mullins 1996, Staff are more likely to stay with your organisation for a reasonable time and provide a satisfactory standard of work if "The person specification paints a realistic picture, neither the organisation nor the job is oversold, the job and working conditions have been explained fully prior to their acceptance of their appointment. The candidate's understand exactly what will be expected of them including the difficulties and distastes of their job, their personal attributes and qualities match closely those required for successful performance of the job" (Mullins 1996:680) From comparing this statement and the issues discussed above, it could be said that the job advertised within the council is more closely related to this statement than the others. The job description and person specification was very detailed and informative and as Mullins 1996 identifies is an important aspect in the retention of staff. Jackson 1998: 48 suggested that the process of recruitment is very complex and when recruiting, wider issues need to be discussed, used and understood. The issue with integration of staff will depend on the organisation. Green 1994:112 suggested that an annual staffing review is necessary to ensure that that the pupil numbers and curriculum needs can be analysed and compared to the existing staff and curriculum. It could be said that there are many different aspects, which affect the integration and retention of staff, which will vary for every individual. The recruitment process is very important in order to get the right person for the job. If this is not achieved, the recruitment process will not have been a success and will consequently have an affect on the retention and integration of staff. ...read more.

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