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In this assignment I will describing how customer service can be monitored and evaluated,

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Developing customer Relations assignment 4 Introduction: In this assignment I will describing how customer service can be monitored and evacuated, I will also explain how monitoring and evaluating can improve customer service for the customer and analyse using examples how effective customer service benefits the customer, the organisation and the employee. Task 1 Customer service can be monitored and evaluated by informal customer feedback, customer questionnaires, mystery shoppers, comment cards and staff feedback. Customer feedback can be monitored at Clarks by asking customers before they leave the shop how long they waited before they got served or what they think Clarks can improve to get a better customer satisfaction. Informal customer feedback is a quick an easy way to gather feedback from customers but in an informal way. Customer feedback can be evaluated by checking if there are repeat customers and the sales figures. To fully evaluate it Clarks can Use the information from the customers and improve their speed of service by employing an extra person. ...read more.


Complaints are normally made about a certain part/ are for example staff not being helpful. If Clarks receive several complaints about a certain area for example staff not being helpful they can evaluate this by training the staff again or employing new staff. Task 2 Monitoring and evaluating can improve customer service for the customer because the customer will be happy with the service and will be happy because they will know that we listen to them and know that Clarks does care for them. This will make repeat sales and more profit as the customers might refer Clarks to there friends and family. Monitoring and evaluating can improve customer service Clarks because employing the correct people will save money for the business because you don't have to train them, improving the Clarks systems, this will make it easier and faster to learn when they are on training this will also save money for the business as it will be cheaper to train them. ...read more.


They want to know if they have a problem that there is someone at the company that they can work with to resolve the problem. The more satisfied customers are then the more likely they are to continue to do business with the organization. The organization stands to gain more loyal customers. Effective customer service benefits the Clarks because It helps to build customer loyalty, repeat business, and positive word of mouth this gets higher sales When the company does well, the employee's job security is greater. Higher sales can also lead to increases in salaries, benefits, rewards, more money available for training and development of the employee, etc Effective customer services benefits customer service for the employee as employees like to help people. They want to know that what they do directly benefits people and the organization. Employees at Clarks will be more loyal to the organization. If organizations can track customer service through reports or surveys then that will help the organization identify trends or any problem areas that should be corrected. The employee will feel that their needs are addressed, respected and made to feel good by their employer ...read more.

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