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In this essay I shall be discussing what the new management strategies are, and how they are applied to a specific organisation. I shall be using Tesco Ltd

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In this essay I shall be discussing what the new management strategies are, and how they are applied to a specific organisation. I shall be using Tesco Ltd as an example to base my findings. I shall then talk about collective bargaining and what is involved within collective bargaining. I will then discuss how new managerial strategies aim to go beyond collective bargaining in employee involvement and participation. Finally I shall provide a meaningful conclusion to my findings. In order to justify the statement "How do new managerial strategies attempt to create employee involvement and participation beyond collective bargaining", firstly we need to define exactly what we mean by employee involvement and participation. Employee participation "involves workers exerting a countervailing and upward pressure on management control, which need not imply unity of purpose." Employee involvement "in contrast is perceived to be a softer form of participation to imply a commonality of interest between employees and management and stress that involvement should be directed at the workforce as a whole and not restricted to trade union channels" Bratton/Gold 1999 (p301/302). Employee involvement/participation is the most important aspect of not only Industrial Relations but also HRM in general; the reason being employee is an invaluable asset to an organisation. ...read more.


"Team-working involves seven to ten or even more employees and is based on solving problems in respective areas of the organisation, communication and interpersonal skills are extremely important in team-working." Beardwell/ Holden (1994) However management still have a great amount of prerogative over final decisions being made, but team-working motivates the employees and aims to increase commitment from employees in producing good quality output. Financial participation involves schemes, which aim to say "thank you" to the employees in monetary value. Schemes like profit-related pay and save-as-you-earn (SAYE) are used by organisations to share the success of the business. Tesco has both of the above schemes in place where they give free shares to each employee at the end of the financial year depending on how much their net pay was for the previous year. They also offer SAYE where you get the option of choosing a 3 or 5 year scheme and have a choice of saving from �5-�100 per month. The chosen amount is deducted from the payslip and is credited in the scheme account. When the share-save scheme matures the employee the option of either taking the saved amount of money or has an option of buying shares at the price when the scheme was set-up. ...read more.


The need for new managerial strategies is vitally important, as the state of the current labour market has undergone a change in skilled workers to that of manual workers. Management's sole aim is to directly communicate with its employees and aim not to take the collective bargaining channel of communication. Logically my personal views on this whole issue of industrial relations is that this is a tug of war between the employers and trade unions and the rope they are pulling is the employee. At the moment it looks as though the employers have a greater proportion of the rope in their side with the help of the new managerial strategies and practices. The empirical data showing the decline in trade unions and collective bargaining also supports the employer's bid for challenge of retaining the rope on their side. In a tug of war there is always a winner and a loser, I believe that in this tug of war there will be no winners or losers it will always be a matter of who has more of the rope in their side. Management will continue to throw new management strategies and practices to maintain the upper hand and the trade unions will be aiming to resist slipping away. (2'181 words) ...read more.

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