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In this next section, I am going to discuss the customer service within Corus.

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Customer Service In this next section, I am going to discuss the customer service within Corus. Customer service is the provision of labour with other resources, for the purpose of increasing the value that buyers receive from their purchases and from their purchases and from the processes leading up to the purchase. Internal Customers The internal customers at Corus are their management and employees. Their board has the ultimate responsibility for the management of the business and the strategic development of Corus. Corus' day-to-day management is conducted through their Executive Committee. The employees at Corus vary from IT specialists to highly skilled steel workers. External Customers The external customers at Corus are their suppliers moreover customers. Corus' competition is from other Steel companies namely Mittal Steel, Arcelor and Riva Group. Corus are a leading global supplier to many of the most demanding metal customers around the world. They supply a variety of innovative solutions to a broad range of markets. These include construction, automotive, packaging, aerospace, energy and engineering industries. Customer expectations of Corus Meeting customer expectations Corus can meet these expectations of their customers by doing the following. Corus can keep a close eye on their rivals like Mittal Steel, to make sure that their own prices are competitive. ...read more.


This act also ensures that Corus must not mislead their customers to the price of any of their products as well as give the wrong impression about consumers over sale prices and exaggerate price reductions. Corus must not make false labels of any of their products. Under the 'Trade Descriptions Act 1968', Corus are prohibited to give a false or deceptive description of their products and services. Seeing as Corus deal with heavy products when trading, the weights and measures of the specific item must be accurately and clearly labeled, this is stated under the 'Weights and Measures Act, 1986'. Corus must make sure that all their products are of a satisfactory quality; this means that they are safe, they last for a reasonable amount of time, and they fit for their intended purpose and have nothing wrong with them. This is mentioned in the 'Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994'. What organizations can improve Consumer Protection The government can persuade companies like Corus to improve their consumer protection as they set the laws and regulations by which any business operates. If Corus have a poor standard of consumer protection then Trade Unions and governments can encourage them to exceed the stage they are currently at. ...read more.


and services customers would like to purchase Below are several ways in order to investigate customer's views Employees improving Customer Service The employees at Corus play a big part in good customer service. Corus use their staff to improve their customer service so the company could strive forward. For any business, their employees should possess the appropriate skills and attitudes. Corus train their employees to make sure they comprehend the business and its products; therefore they will be competent enough to answer customers' questions. Corus also want to make sure their employees when communicating with customers talk politely and give clear answers. This is imperative when their staff will talk on telephones. Corus would want their employees to be quick, helpful and pleasant when answering customer's questions. This will give the Corus better chances of selling products and gaining loyal customers. Corus also make it easier for customers to recognize their employees by handing them uniforms. Corus' use of technology Corus will be able to improve their business in numerous ways when using technology. Corus' website 'www.corusgroup.com' offers information about their products and businesses and also answers questions concerning their customers. Despite the fact that Corus do not sell their items through the internet, their customers who have problems or complaints can contact the business. They also give inquiries and addresses. Unit 2B Customer Service Asif Hussain ...read more.

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