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In this report I will outline the work of functional areas at Tesco. A functional area is when a business is divided in to key departments. Each department will be specific to a certain job or function.

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Functional Areas In this report I will outline the work of functional areas at Tesco. A functional area is when a business is divided in to key departments. Each department will be specific to a certain job or function. The term functional area is a more appropriate term than referring to departments because the different functional areas function for specific tasks. Also not all businesses are big enough to have departments. For example Small sole trader businesses do not have functional areas. This is because the owner of the business will be in charge of the business and will be responsible of everything. Tesco has many different functional areas, all of which are in charge of certain tasks or functions. The different functional areas that Tesco has are: Human resources - at human resources, they are responsible for recruitment, retention and dismissal. Human resources is responsible for the workers and to make sure they have good working conditions, health and safety, employee organisations and unions and training, development and promotion. The human resources department is involved in staff development. They make sure the employees are doing the right tasks. There are 4 main reasons why a person might leave a job; * Retirement - in most industries the retirement age is 65 for men and 60 for women. Some people may retire before this age and some people keep on working beyond this age. ...read more.


Direct delivery is the most common way to deliver post direct to the firms business address. In larger business, like Tesco the delivery will be to the firm's reception desk. The disadvantage is that work cannot be done until the post has been delivered. Private box is when a business can rent a box at a local post office. Each box has a number on it that is part of the firms address. The post is kept there until it is collected by the businesses representative. The representative can arrange a time to pick up the post. Filing is the most common way to store paper. It can be stored in different orders, Alphabetical, chronological and geographical. * Alphabetical - is in order of the alphabet. * Chronological - is in order of date and time. * Geographical - is when the papers are stored in order of where they came from, this may be in order of county, town or country. Logbooks are also used in businesses. Logbooks are like diaries. The most common type of log book is probably the post book, this is where Tesco will keep record of the post and the parcels that come in and leave the business. Logbooks are also used to keep record of the visitors to the business. Logbooks are a way of recording actions so information can be tracked down when it is needed. ...read more.


* Free gifts - free gifts are offered to people with club cards. Customer service - are the services that the business offers to the customer. Customers sometimes ask questions about products that the business sell, and they expect the sales staff to know about the staff. In Tesco a customer might ask about a product that they are considering buying. The aim of customer services is to welcome the customer and to make them feel valued this will create a positive image about the business and they will recommend it to their friends and family. The customer services also help the customer buy the correct product. Tesco has a customer services desk so if the customer needs help they can go and ask them. Tesco also do home deliver. For the home delivery service do provide good customer services as well they can deliver on time and can help take the products in to the house if the person is un able to take it them self. They also need to provide a friendly service to the customers. So the customers feel welcomed and would want to come back. Tesco should provide Payment methods to suite all customers they should provide a range of different ways to pay this is because different customers may prefer to pay in a different way. For example older people might refer to pay in cash because they might not know how to use a credit card. Research and Development - SECTION 3 ?? ?? ?? ?? Ehsaan Mahmood 5134 Functional Areas 33125 1 ...read more.

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