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In this report, I will try to evaluate its current management strategy success and failure from analysing its organisational culture. Furthermore, I will give some recommendation for Design Inc. to improve its effectiveness for future development

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Module Title: BSM023 Managing People Module Co-ordinator: Dr. David Jones/ d.r.jones@rgu.ac.uk Perfection or Bust Author: Xue Q. Xie ( Jinnfie) Major: Master of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Word: 2821 Contents Introduction 3 Chapter 1 1.0 Management strategy in Design Inc. 4 1.0.1 Management Style 5 1.0.2 Culture 6 1.0.3 Organisation Structure 8 Chapter 2 2.0 Rationale for change strategy or strategies 9 Conclusion 12 Reference 14 Bibliography 14 Introduction Design Inc., a successful commercial art studio, is a brainchild of its founder, Bill Klee. Its motto ,which is also Klee's personal motto," Perfection or bust." The business was started in 1979 by Klee, a well-know figure in the industry and a perfectionist as well, though at first Klee was desired to found an academy while not just a business, where talented young artists and designers can perfect their skills. I have been employed by Design Inc as a change agent to investigate into the company and produce a management report which will consider its current organisational culture from individual, group and organisation levels, communication channels among staff and customers, and offer a rationale for change strategy or strategies to this company effectiveness. In this report, I will try to evaluate its current management strategy success and failure from analysing its organisational culture. Furthermore, I will give some recommendation for Design Inc. to improve its effectiveness for future development. 1.0 Management strategy in Design Inc. The organisational structure, culture and management styles all affect the performance and operation of an organisation. Going on to comment that he wished to 'encourage continuous learning at both individual and organisational level, and loves to demonstrate commitment to the ethos of a Learning Organisation'. ...read more.


Klee chooses who ever they want to employ on the business. Therefore they choose people with knowledge, skills and with good qualifications. Basically they opt for the person that they personally want, an individual that owner would prefer, they focused on personality and select a good, skilled employee. And they use their unique approach to attract these potential members, which is the most satisfying job of his life. Through this way, Klee was able to put together a short order a talented and enthusiastic team of graphic artists and designers. Many of Klee's turn of phrase-"no compromise with mediocrity", "the best or bust," "perfection is our only concern", became part of most staff members vocabulary. And in such power culture, employees were enthusiastic about the company and they spent much of their leisure time together to discuss their work. Under this power culture of its founder, Design Inc. employees worked long hours, coming early and leaving late, and reviewing artwork might be done as many as a dozen times or more. It's no doubt that Klee's personal power is vital for the whole efficiency. That's what the power culture said that the managers would have knowledge of everything that is happening in the organization. However power culture has it's down's. It wouldn't be pleasant for employees because they are not allowed to share their own point of view. With time move on, their bluff statements which got from their boss turned to be hollow sentences. In such culture, Klee is a core soul of the whole organisation. In Design Inc, Klee was everywhere, advising on layout, suggesting new creative approaches for one piece of work, consulting on the choice of colour and typeface for another. ...read more.


Conclusion Organisations such as a personnel department will be more concerned with the individual or team and how they are doing. Communication will be very important here in order to listen, hear , understand and react to any personnel related issues. Honesty and trust are also crucial in order to build up an effective relationship. Companies whose main objective is to provide a quality product or service will look for leaders who can communicate effectively the standards required and the implications if this is not achieved. Generally speaking, the management strategies of Design Inc. is okay at the moment due to its small business bound and its founder's strong personal controlling. However, if Design Inc is desire to have a further development, it has to change part of its strategies first. It should allow each employee to have a clear view of objectives and guiding principles. Yet again, organization culture is important but management is not just few points to cover, it is complicated and is an interlinked problem. Design Inc. had a bad structure, which can be considered as a failure. Many of its problems are interlinked, and causes a flow of consequences of privatisation and so on. In broad, Design Inc. management strategy is not suitable for its sustainable development. It's time to do some thing to face internal and external environment change. Reference Burgoyne, J. and Renolds, M. (1997) Management Learning: Integrating Perspectives in Theory and Practice. London. Sage. Mumford, A. (1993) Management Development: Strategies for Action (2nd edn). London. IPM. Walton, J. (1999). Strategic Human Resource Development. Harlow. Prentice Hall. Andrzej Huczynski& David Buchanan, 2001, Organizational Behaviour, 4th edition, Prentice Hall Europe, London John Arnold, 1998,Work Psychology,3rd edition, Financial Times Professional Limited, Edinburgh Susan Cartwright & Cary L. Cooper,1997,Managing workplace stress, Sage Publications, London. ...read more.

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