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In this section I will explain and explore the 7 functional areas of my 2 chosen businesses Sainsbury's and Caf Field.

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Section B - Functional Areas In this section I will explain and explore the 7 functional areas of my 2 chosen businesses Sainsbury's and Caf� Field. These functional areas are: Marketing, Human Resource, I.T and Administration, Finance, Research and Development, Production and Customer Service. Also I will show how each functional area use I.T and how it affects other areas, and relate it to each of the businesses. Moreover, I will explain how they work with other functional areas to improve the business to achieve their aims. Marketing Marketing is the process of executing the marketing mix which consists of the 4 P's. - Product - Involves the actual goods that need to be sold. - Price - The pricing strategy that the product will be sold at. - Place - Where the product will be sold eg Tescos, Currys etc. - Promotion - Any special offers to attract customers eg. Buy One Get One Free. Marketing is the business function where they researches the market for information on competitors and customers and how to sell their product. They also advertise their product using a variety of mediums eg. T.V, radio, magazines etc. The research they carry out is called market research and consists of surveys, internet surveys etc. There are 2 types of market research: - Field Research - where they actually go out and research for themselves which is more expensive but more accurate. - Desk Research - Where they use other statistics from other businesses to make judgments, but it may not be relevant to their product or it could be inaccurate. It has to identify, anticipate and satisfy customer needs in order for the product to be successful. The market can be divided up or segmented in niche markets where they share certain characteristics eg, cereal, chocolate but can be divided into different categories. Sainsbury's being a large business has a well organized marketing area. ...read more.


So fast computers and servers help speed up the process of tracking sainsbury's cash inflow and outflow. This can also be related to caf� field where they may use similar I.T programs to keep track of their finances but may not need the large intranets or data back up. In fact just a folder would do nicely to track sales but it can easily get lost or damaged. Research and Development Research and development is the business function, it involves production and marketing. Production is used in Research and development to create the production line and the design of the actual product. Moreover, marketing is used to research the product by looking at local technology and competitors. Research and development is responsible for improving existing products e.g. Playstation1 was continually improved to create today's model Playstation3. Sony did research into other competitors like Xbox and Nintendo to create something that could compete in that market. Sainsbury's continually carry out Research and Development to improve on their recipes that they currently have. Also the adverts which are endorsed with Jamie Oliver promote more for less adverts which show the quality and cheap prices that Sainsbury's offer. He also makes leaflets available at stores, on new recipes that are low on cost, and can feed a family. Sainsbury's expensive range is Taste the difference - where quality is guaranteed, the R&D department have to research quality ingredients from organic farms/plantations and be fair trade. They would also need to look at the other brands quality like Tesco and try to match and exceed it when they improve that product. They also need to develop their new product according to their research for example if they improved their pasta they need to us their research to find out what needs improving of that pasta and how they can achieve this which demonstrates sainsbury's using Research and Development. ...read more.


Moreover, if suggestions cannot be passed onto R&D, Sainsbury's cannot improve their existing products. This leads to particular products being taken off the shelf as the public cannot help Sainsbury's - who are unaware of the issues - to improve them. Although the I.T systems employed by the business functions make it more efficient and easier for them to work to together, some aspects can be improved: Change/Update system - Could upgrade to a better system like Vista Business to improve efficiency and ease with new software and new programs. Online - Have a better dedicated server to deal with web page traffic so customers can browse their pages quicker. Webpage - Improve layout of the web pages to attract potential customers and it also makes it easy to navigate the site incase of elderly users. FAQ's/ Forums - Acts like an online guide for customers to seek advice or to make complaints. FAQ's are helpful as they save time and money as simple questions can be answered there and the, resolving the need to call customer helpline. Forums are a good way of customers discussing ideas and resolving each others queries in a safe, friendly community based online environment. Having a good FAQ and forum can be both helpful to the customer and the company. Software - Having the latest software can make all the difference as latest versions tend to have more features for example Microsoft office 2007 is much more user friendly but has the same features plus more than previous versions. So keeping up in software can give the company an edge towards their competitors. CAD & CAM - Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture. This a process mainly used in production. It basically allows products to be made quickly and efficiently using machines and software. This is effective to a business as it allows items to be made cheaply. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dilan Patel Miss Sambi Candidate No. 6170 Applied Business Section B 1 ...read more.

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