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In this task Ill be talking about different laws that are being set, for making a good business and solving the problems of customers, e.g. helping them to choose the best product.

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In this task I'll be talking about different laws that are being set, for making a good business and solving the problems of customers, e.g. helping them to choose the best product. For example, if a customer buys a product e.g. if he/she wants to buy a digital camera and the sale person describes the product wrong, and starts giving the product characteristics which it doesn't have. For example, if the sale person says that the camera has a memory stick and it actually doesn't have any. For this situation there was law made in order not to break this laws the organization must describe the product right. This law, Sale of Goods Act, was made in the year 1979 and was later amended in 2002. this act was based to those people who were giving wrong description to their customers, and they set a law to fit for the purpose for which they are intended, and must use satisfactory quality. The second example would be if you bought an umbrella and you went out in the rain and the water came through the umbrella, you would be able to complain under the law that it was not fit for the purpose for which it was intended. ...read more.


When the customer buys the crisp he realized the flavor of crisp is actually beef, this is selling the goods which is wrongly described by the manufacturer. Another example would be selling ice cream and saying to the customer that the ice cream does not contain nuts. When the customer goes home she realizes the ice cream contains nuts. This is wrongly describing the goods. Consumer protection (distance selling) (Amendment) regulations 2005: This law was based to give clear information to customers on all the aspect of goods being sold and the transaction process, to send written confirmation after the purchase has been made. To give the customers chance to refund if the goods are not provided by the agreed date or within 30 days from the order. Selling a shirt which has a hole in it and when the customer goes home she realizes that shirt is damaged. When she comes to exchange or refund the shirt the organization doesn't do it, because she doesn't have a receipt to show that she bought it from the same shop. By 2005 all the organization are sending written confirmation after the purchase has been made. Another example would be selling a skin cream which is not clearly labeled to the customer. It doesn't say for what kind of skin it is e.g. (sensitive skin). ...read more.


To make a good organization the business must give the rights to customer e.g. to refund, exchange goods if it's damaged or it does not satisfy the customer, so that all the customers can be more confident when making decision about buying a particular product, and also there is less risks involved. For making customers satisfy with the product that the organization offers, the business must provide training to staff, so that the staff to give correct information about the product. If a customer has complain they must have the solution, in how to solve the problem and how to make them confident in buying the product they are offering. The employers are required to have rules and policies that ensure that the working environment is safe. All employees are expected to follow any safety rules that exist but it is the duty of the employer to make that the workforce knows the rules and follows them. Many people buy large items on credit that is they pay for the item, over a period of time. The consumer credit Act ensures that the consumer is aware of the annual rate of interest charged on the money that they have been borrowed. Sadaf Mohammed ...read more.

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