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In this task I will focus on the main roles of Richer Sounds and Tower Hamlets Councils departments, I will then look at the importance of each department and how each department help each other.

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UNIT 1 M3 Introduction: In this task I will focus on the main roles of Richer Sounds and Tower Hamlets Council's departments, I will then look at the importance of each department and how each department help each other. Main job of Functional Areas for Richer Sounds: Human Resources/Colleague Support Department - Responsible for hiring/recruiting the people with the knowledge to bring more customers to the company. Marketing Department: - Obtaining customers for products and services by delivering customer value. Finance Department - In charge of money going out and money coming in for the business. Importance of Main Functional Areas: Human Resources/Colleague Support Department - is very important to Richer Sounds because recruiting and selecting the best employees is a very hard obligation. ...read more.


Importance of Finance Department: The finance department is important because their has to be a department where they record all the expenses for the business. How Each Department Work With Each Other (Richer Sounds): Human Resources department works together with marketing department, because they need to market their business. For example, HR department recruit new such as marketing manager so that the marketing department have more members of staff to promote Richer Sounds. The finance department supports the Human Resources department, because the finance gives a certain amount of money to the human resources department to recruit staff and pay staffs wages. The finance department also supports the marketing department because again the finance department gives a budget to the marketing department to promote the business. ...read more.


An organization like McDonalds would not recruit a HR Manager however, Tower Hamlets recruit Human Resource managers meaning that they are in charge of recruiting, training, labour. Marketing: Tower Hamlets marketing department is different to other organizations. What they do is try to find their market in local areas and get the public to stop graffiti, vandalism and littering. They achieve these by handing out leaflets, sticking posters and having a one to one conversation with the public. Finance: Tower Hamlets finance department, is similar to other organizations, its main purpose is to control the money coming in and the money going out of the business. Also to provide financial support to other departments. ?? ?? ?? ?? Serkan Colak M3 1 ...read more.

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