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Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign to reduce levels of STI's and pregnancy in young people aged 11-18 in the Derbyshire area.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. This report presents a proposed Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign to reduce levels of STI's and pregnancy in young people aged 11-18 in the Derbyshire area. The report utilises the SOSTAC framework (Smith, 2002) to develop an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan in a logical manner, which can be easily managed. The framework is recognised by Marketers as a reasonable and acceptable framework to be used to develop such a plan. The key points drawn from each section of the report, following the SOSTAC framework are highlighted below: SITUATION - It has been identified that there is currently a large gap in the existing market in Derbyshire, which we need to strive for as our target market position. OBJECTIVES - This section identifies our top level marketing objectives, focused around reducing pregnancy and STI rates, but also provides an in-depth explanation of our marketing communications objectives, describing how we intend to communicate our message to our target market. STRATEGY - Outlines the unique approach we intend to take to achieve our objectives, enabled by our substantial funding, marketing expertise and innovative thinking. ...read more.


On-line information websites (Voluntary/NHS) Various information services are available on-line, at NHS sites, such as the family planning website and other, voluntary groups, such as www.crush-onu.co.uk, and likeitis.org.uk who provide websites specifically designed to provide information for young people and their parents. However the sites re not interactive, do not offer a Q&A service, thus they provide information only. Telephone information/support lines Voluntary organisations such as the Samaritans offer free, confidential advice and counselling over the phone, as well as more factual, informative services such as the NHS helpline. Telephone lines; however only offer advice, not practical testing & treatment. Sex education/counselling in schools Informs young people of the practical facts and figures, but offers little in the way of individual support and advice and cannot offer treatment or testing. Table 2.1: Summary of Sexual Health Services currently available in Derbyshire. Our SWOT analysis, shown in figure 2.1 below, was developed using a combination of our internal resources and information, the information provided table 2.1, and other external influences such as political, economical, social and technological influences. Strengths * High level of financial resource * Campaign being developed by marketing expertise * Government backing and support * Innovative approach * Flexibility from ...read more.


We will need to ensure medical professionals are available to prescribe and administer treatments and professionally trained, friendly, approachable employees are there to offer professional advice and information. We also have substantial voluntary resources that are experienced in offering a sympathetic, friendly counselling service to young people who need someone to talk to. We must also strive to improve the business and marketing skills and awareness of our human resources, to ensure the service is run as effectively and efficiently as possible. PROCESSES: Again, this element is heavily related by the knowledge of employees and the systems we implement. NHS services are reputed for poor utilisation of information systems, thus we must endeavour to ensure both technical and manual systems and processes work as efficiently and effectively as possible to provide a rapid service at minimal cost. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: Medical establishments are also reputed as appearing clinical and formal; in contrast, most voluntary organisations are often shabby and drab, mainly due to the lack of financial resource they have access to. To become approachable, we must ensure that our establishments are clean and tidy, whilst also remaining as informal as possible to help our customers feel more welcome and comfortable. 1 ...read more.

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