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Internal and External Constraints Affecting Top Gear plc

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Internal and External Constraints Affecting Top Gear plc In this task I shall discuss the many difficulties facing Top Gear plc and the internal and external constraints that may affect the company. I will also include constraints that the Personnel Manager will have to keep in mind when he is preparing job advertisements, and, use examples to show how these constraints will affect the decision makers of Top Gear plc. I will discuss internal constraints first and later go on to discuss the external constraints that affect both Top Gear plc and the Personnel Manager. When preparing a job advertisement the Personnel Manager will have to look at several internal constraints before hand. One thing the Personnel Manager may do is check there is actually a job for a new employee or that a new employee is needed. There is no point in recruiting more employees if there are already sufficient employees to do the amount of work that needs to be done. He will also have to look at the payment of new employees. The Personnel Manager will have to discuss this with the manager of the department looking to recruit new employees, or whichever department is paying for the new recruits, and see whether their budget can afford to pay for a new recruit. ...read more.


When preparing a job advertisement the Personnel Manager will also have to take several of these into consideration. Some of the major constraints that will have to be focused on are included in Employment Legislation. Such legislation includes Acts such as the Health and Safety at Work Act, Race Relations Act, Equal Pay Act and the Sex Discrimination Act. These mean that the Personnel Manager cannot be either sexist or racist in his advertisement and that he will have to be careful that he doesn't inadvertently produce an advert containing anything that could be interpreted as though he was being racist or sexist or discriminate to other such individuals as disabled people. The Personnel Manager must make sure the payment for the job is fair otherwise he is going against the Equal Pay Act. If one person is being paid �500 a month in Top Gear plc and a job vacancy appears for someone to do the same job for only �400 this would be unfair to the new employee. It is very unlikely an employee would work for less money than someone doing the same job and would be a bad idea to pay them less as Top Gear plc would get into trouble and would soon find themselves with one less employee and another vacancy. ...read more.


A big external constraint is competition. The Personnel Manager may have to take this into account when preparing a job advertisement as if a competing company also have a vacancy for a similar job they may try and make their job seem more attractive by offering better payment, better bonuses or other such things. The Personnel Manager may take this into account and try to make the job sound as interesting as possible. Competition will also affect the prices Top Gear plc sells its products at and may be the cause for a reduction in prices as Top Gear plc are competing to have more customers than other companies. In conclusion there are many types of internal and external constraints that affect any company especially one like Top Gear plc. The Personnel Manager will have many constraints to consider when preparing for the advertisement and must think carefully about what is included within his final advertisement. The directors of Top Gear plc, who are the main decision makers, will also expected to put a lot of thought toward external constraints also as the wrong decisions could mean disaster for the company. Our Lady's Catholic High School (46637) Business Studies Chris Berry (7017) Unit 1 A:\BS - internal external constraints - Draft.doc 4/30/07 Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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