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Internal Management

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Name: Niamh Kenny Module: Business Management Code: B30139 Tutor: Joyce Trimble TABLE OF CONTENTS 01. Introduction 02. Recruitment Methods 03. Selection Methods 04. Induction 05. Conclusions/Recommendations 06. Bibliography 07. Appendix 1.0 Introduction I am a second year student of Applied Languages and Information Technology. I have been assigned an Internal Management Report on the recruitment, selection and induction training methods of a company. I have chosen Hertz International Reservations Call Centre in Swords, Co. Dublin as I recently completed a week on work placement there. While on work placement there, I learnt about how the call centre operates and the selection and training procedures. In my assignment I will give a report on my findings. 2.0 Recruitment Methods in Hertz The main part of recruitment in Hertz is done through recruitment agencies. The agency in which Hertz use is 'Richmond Recruitment'. The other means of recruitment is by accessing applications on file. These present application forms may be postal CV's, emailed CV's or Internet applications. Applications can be made directly to Hertz on their website at www.hertz.com or www.hertz.co.uk. From time to time newspapers are also used as a way to recruit staff. Internal recruitment, i.e. positions for Team Leaders/Market managers is also popular within Hertz call centre. 3.0 Selection Methods 3.1 Curriculum Vitaes All CV's which are received by Hertz are screened by the recruitment team and/or Team Leaders. ...read more.


The recruitment team then offers the position, and a contract is sent to the successful candidate. When the contract is returned, an employee file is set up. 4.0 Induction 4.1 Customer Service Training On the issue and acknowledgement of a position offered, Hertz Swords, notifies the employee of the commencement of their position. All new employees must complete a four to six week intensive training course. (Depending on hours of training per day). This begins from day one. A timetable is issued to each employee to show the programme of Induction training. On the first day photographs are taken for access cards which are needed to enter and exit the building and to eat lunch. The new employees are then introduced to trainers and each other. A presentation on the history of Hertz and overview of the company is then given. Health and safety, HR and payroll are explained followed by a tour of the building, customer services and fire safety. Coffee breaks and lunch are timetabled in between. Staff handbooks are given out which includes many important issues on being an employee at Hertz. It provides the employee on important information such as canteen facilities, computers, discipline procedures, drug policy, security, absence, equal opportunities, bullying & sexual harassment and more. During week one of training the employee is given the opportunity to become familiar and relaxed within Hertz. ...read more.


The trainee is thought about the benefits and terms and conditions, which must be explained to the customers. After the four weeks of training the new employee is ready to start their new position. Further on the job training is given during the duration of their new employment. 4.2 Prevention of strain/injury Training must follow legal compliance. Without training agents are exposed to significantly increased risk of aches, pains, stress and debilitating injury. Information alone is very rarely effective as staff tend to dismiss it. Staff need to understand how to make the most of their workstation (chair, desk and equipment), how to take responsibility for their own comfort and safety and what to do if problems arise. Managers and IT personnel need to be familiar with policy of workplace and equipment and safety to ensure planning and maintenance are correct. 5.0 Conclusions/Recommendations I feel Hertz International Call Centre in Swords has a very up to date and efficient Recruitment, Selection and Training procedure. The interviews are intense by non-discriminatory. The selection procedure is justly as it is essential for the company to choose the right candidate suitable for the position. The internal recruitment is also very successful as it gives the current staff of Hertz to progress within the company. Their training is very skilful and intense. The on-going training within the company is very successful and professional. I feel Hertz benefits from the procedures in which they have in place for the recruitment, selection and training of staff. 6. ...read more.

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