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Internet Interview Article - "The manager's role in building an innovative organization".

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Innovation 1 Internet Interview Article "The manager's role in building an innovative organization" Diane R. Easter-Brown MGT 330 Management: Theory, Practice and Application Professor: Andre Sowunmi February 22, 2003 Innovation 2 Internet Interview Article "The manager's role in building an innovative organization" Patrick Buhler's article, The manager's role in building an innovative organization, stresses the importance of innovation within the organization, and the significant role that managers play in building an innovative organization. He states that proper innovations will allow an organization to, not only thrive, but also survive in today's competitive market. Furthermore, in order for a company to be successful, they must be willing to change how they do things, and not be comfortable with the old ways of doing things. An effective innovative organization recognizes, and is committed to improving its success by allowing its organization, managers and employees to be apart of new groundbreaking ideas that will help the company flourish. Although innovation is an important step in warranting the success of any organization, the organization cannot undertake these steps without first implementing a plan for building innovation within the organization. ...read more.


The manager has to make sure that the company's plan for building innovation will take root and be accepted by all employees. (Buhler, p.20, 2002) Yet changing a mature seasoned culture is not easy and presents challenges of its own. However, in order to flourish your firm's culture must encourage and nurture ideas rather than kill them. If an employee has a great idea and has it quickly squashed and mocked by their superiors, they tend to stop sharing their thoughts in fear of more rejection and humiliation. To truly profit, companies must transform and create a climate conducive to creative criticism and ideation. They must allow employees to be creative and leave them room to make mistakes. An antagonistic company culture that fights change of any kind is the ultimate idea crusher and will not be able to keep up with a fast changing society. One of the new innovative plans that are presently being developed in my own organization, which is presently in the early stages of development, are the new innovative ideas for a Plantree Hospital. ...read more.


Buhler states, "A tolerance for risk also requires-that managers be brave enough to let go. Employees must learn from their own mistakes. Managers cannot do everything for their employees. Workers must be empowered and then managers must trust them enough to let them make their own mistakes." (Buhler, p.20, 2002) I believe that once management is willing to let go the apron strings and let staff experiment with the new innovative idea of building an improved organization, than we can have more of a constructive role in the development of a Plantree Hospital. In conclusion, leaders of successful, high-growth companies understand that innovation is what drives growth, and innovation is achieved by awesome people with a shared relentless growth attitude and shared passion for problem solving and for turning ideas into realities. Innovation 5 Companies that continuously innovate will create and re-invent new markets, products, services, and business models - which lead to more growth. Innovation is founded on your enterprise's ability to recognize market opportunities, your internal capabilities to respond innovatively, and your knowledge base. (Buhler, p. ...read more.

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