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Interrelationships in Management: What Happens When They Aren't Present.

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Business 310 (wi) January 21, 2004 Interrelationships in Management: What Happens When They Aren't Present The four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling must be present in order for an organization to implement effective management and to achieve desired goals. If one or more of the elements are not there, the organization may not achieve their goals. Schermerhorn stated, "These four functions of management and their interrelationships are shown at Figure 1.4" (2002,p.20). The functions of a manager are the activities that all managers must perform regardless of their authority, task assignment or specific industry. In this writing I will show how the absence of these four functions of management may prohibit an organization from running an efficient operation. In order to be effective, management must plan, organize, lead, and control the use of its resources to compete in the business world effectively. In this essay I will give you an example of a company that is no longer in operation because the organization failed to effectively implement all four functions of management. I will then analyze what went wrong in the organization and then give recommendations for what the company should have done differently. I will begin with a brief background of the company. ...read more.


Associated Design had set the objectives and never offered the new managers of LaMarca the chance to offer their questions or concerns; they walked into an already sinking ship. Management and employees saw problems with the program from the start and did not have a lot of faith in what was being proposed. Goals were impossible to achieve and when standards were met, there was no incentive given to the employees to do better and there were never any consequences issued if their performance was poor. Schermerhorn called leading, "the process of arousing enthusiasm and directing efforts toward organizational goals" (2002,p.21) it is clear that Associated Design Group management failed to follow through on these tasks that lead LaMarca employees to never believe in management or their goals. Another problem involved the collection of data and reports. Many times the employees at LaMarca were performing several different job functions, which affected the tracking of their tasks and phase codes. The employees found this unrealistic so they began to turn in timesheets that were made-up because they found it difficult to account for all their time and without corporate watching over their shoulder, this was very easy for them to accomplish. ...read more.


An incentive program for the employees would also be a benefit for them to achieve the goals proposed. In the case of LaMarca's shutdown, Associated Design should have finished what they started and informed management of all results from day one. It has been shown without the four functions of management it is hard to share results or offer additional input to seek to minimize labor cost. Adjustments should have been made in the beginning and pointed out by LaMarca management to the corporate office whether positive or negative. Organizations have several things in common; they consist of people with expectations who must work with one another to achieve stated goals. Many times projects or goals within an organization do not work out but it is important as in the example given that revisions to a plan be corrected in a timely manner and not swept under the rug. Often the case, if there is poor management in one area of an organization that it is in other areas as well. It is important to remember all organizations have systematic procedures that define the behaviors of all its members and the four functions of management are vital to an organization because implementation of these functions ensures the success of a company. ...read more.

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