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Introduction To Business Activity

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Business activities are all the different types of products and the services that the retailer provides. Businesses may come under the following industrial sectors: - > Primary is where raw materials are extracted. > Secondary is where the raw materials are converted into products. > Tertiary is where the goods are sold and a place that provides services to the public. Businesses may also have the following ownerships: - > Private is any business company that keeps their profit to themselves and where the government is not the shareholder. Examples of companies like this are ASDA, Sainsbury's, and Tesco etc. > Public is businesses owned by the government like colleges, hospitals and Police stations. > Voluntary are any businesses that are not owned by the government like charities e.g. Oxfam etc. They are run not for profit. The Five different organisations covering the three sectors are: - > Argos - Secondary/Tertiary > Jaguar Factory - Secondary/Tertiary > Timber World - Primary/Secondary > JJB Sports - Secondary/Tertiary > Tesco - Secondary/Tertiary Argos Argos is in the Tertiary sector because they don't manufacture any of the products themselves. They just buy products from suppliers and then advertise them on TV, billboards, radio, catalogue and posters. ...read more.


They now have two core businesses - Boots the Chemical Ltd and Boots Healthcare International. Boot's Main Activities as an Organisation & How It Helps to Achieve Aims and Objectives Boots develops, manufactures and markets products, both to the UK and to a larger worldwide customer base. Its ability to develop powerful own brand and exclusive ranges sets it apart from competitors and gives its customers compelling reasons to come to Boots. Boot's main activities all work together to help it achieve their aims and objectives, they do this by: - > The Health, Beauty, Men's, Premium Beauty, and Baby sections help them achieve one of their main and most important aims of all - to be placed in the top 10 Global Players in 'Over the Counter Healthcare'. They wanted do this by developing 6 to 8 leading consumer healthcare brands. > The company sells product to over 130 countries, and without delivery service that wouldn't be possible to achieve another important aim - to become the place for Beauty and Healthcare. The main resources types are: - > Land, Buildings and Location > People > Planet/ Equipment or access to facilities > Financial > Business Skills Land, Building and Location Boots has over 250 stores nationwide, with a total 2,726.900 sq ft of selling space. ...read more.


Performance Monitoring Boot's staffs monitor the businesses performance by setting out an agenda to everybody that's concerned with an appraisal. This is where a meeting takes place between the people that are concerned and the issues regarding are asked. The results are recorded and then are analyzed. Other methods of getting results are from meetings, interviews and questionnaires. These methods often get quicker responses but may not always be accurate than the appraisal is. One aim that helps Boots to meet their aim and objective is Boots aims to be the place for health and beauty customers. Sales and Production The sales department help the aim because the department create the products that help achieve the goal, without the product the business would not achieve what it has now. Sales and Finance This department will fund money for the products to be produced, without the money the business would go bankrupt and wouldn't be able to achieve the goal that they want. Distribution and Finance This department help to send products from the warehouses and deliver them to the shop or stores. This is a key department because if they didn't make deliveries on time and keep the stores stocked they would loose out on customers and the sales that they need to achieve the aims and objectives. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ranvir Shoker 06/02/2008 Unit 1 1 ...read more.

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