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Introduction to business.

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Emma Palmieri Introduction to business Task 3- p3 A business function is the different jobs that people do or the different departments that form the basis of an organisations structure. The six business functions are Human Resources, Marketing, research and development, production, finance and administration. Human Resources deal with many different aspects of a business. They deal with recruitment, Job descriptions, dismissals, redundancy etc. They also have a policy-making role; they have to create company policies to create security for people and places within the organisation. Human Resources look after the people at work, they need to motivate them and also look after their needs. Human Resources have to help the MD to develop their roles and roles of other employees within the company. One of Human Resources roles is to bargain and negotiate - they act as a go-between between different groups with different interests, they also liase with the trade unions. Human Resources also have an administrative role, for example they are responsible for paying wages and supervising and implementing health and safety laws. ...read more.


If a company wants to expand and grow a research and development department is essential because research and development furthers the company's aims by improving processes and by researching new ideas, processes and products. If a company does nothing to improve processes or seek ideas then it is highly unlikely that they shall become/remain successful. If a company is having problems they need to have a research department because some of the work this function carries out can help them to understand what is going wrong. Companies usually set aside available capital in for a 'research budget' because it can cost a lot of money. The Administration function basically deals with every single piece of paper work. Some people may see the admin role as petty and this is strictly untrue. Organisations, especially the larger ones depend on their administration department. Administration handles consumer enquiries, communicating messages and producing documents for the company that are accurate. All companies would have an office manager and whereas Human Resources are responsible for deciding if the staff need training the office ...read more.


There are also subsections within the finance department; these include a cashiers department, which deals mainly with cash transactions, and a wages department, which are responsible for supervising the pay roll i.e. calculating and paying staff wages. The production function includes many different sections to help it run properly, Production and planning set standards and targets for each section of production. They monitor the goods or services that are being produced to make sure it is of the right quantity and quality, a comparator then compares what has been produced to what should have so that they can see if production is running smoothly and effectively. The purchasing dept have to provide the materials and equipment needed to make the product/service so that they can keep the production process working in order, the stores dept stock all tools, raw materials and equipment that is needed and finally there is the design and technical support dept who are responsible for researching improvements on existing products and also researching new ones. A technical department would give advice on working practices in order for them to estimate production costs. ...read more.

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