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Investigate about the important roles that management plays in achieving my chosen organisation aims and objectives. My chosen business is Tesco's.

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INTRODUCTION In this assignment, I am going to investigate about the important roles that management plays in achieving my chosen organisation aims and objectives. My chosen business is Tescos, which is UKs biggest retailer; it operates in the tertiary sector. The focus of this report covers an explanation of how the management team of my chosen business uses planning and monitoring to help achieve the organisation's aims and objectives. I am also required to describe the role of management in improving the performance of my chosen business (Tescos) and show how management activities can raise performance. Secondly I am to describe ways in which manager's role including the management of resources. I will have to demonstrate the role of manager's interpersonal and communication skills and make recommendations. Finally I will evaluate the role of management in improving performance and the different ways in which management functions may be met more effectively through the use of interpersonal and communication skills. Task 1 Explain how the aims and objectives of a business may be achieved through Planning and Monitory. TESCOS It all started in 1924, when a Sir Jack Cohen started selling groceries in London's East End markets. By the1950's, this had grown and supermarkets were now in development. Tescos opened its first and indeed the UK's first superstore in 1967, and by the 1980's had opened many corner stores. Tescos quickly overtook Sainsbury to become the largest food retailer in the UK, with 1,982 UK stores, consisting of 62 Extra stores, 442 Superstores, 167 High street stores, 109 Express stores, with many accompanying a Tescos petrol station, and 1,202 newly acquired T&S stores, which was a leading convenience retailer. Tesco offers a wide variety of food products, in-store bakeries, household goods, clothes and toiletries. Tesco has also adapted to the rapid technological changes, increasing its sales by 26% (�447m) from last year, on the on-line sales site - Tesco.com, alone. ...read more.


But pay rise can have a negative impact because employers can lose money if they spend more than they have. > Discipline and Dismissal: sadly, the HR manager is also responsible for taking disciplinary procedures when an employee acts against the company aims and objectives and sometimes this resolves in the employee's dismissal. They recognize external collective representation where the majority of employees in a workplace request it. All employees are free to join a union of their choice. Most of all, human resource managers are responsible for co-ordinating all departments e.g. marketing, finance, personnel, research & development to work together by delegating tasks which would contribute towards meeting the goals and objectives of the company. FINANCIAL RESOURCES Tescos needs to manage their financial resources because it needs to have and constantly handle money flowing both within and outside the business. But the finance department in Tescos also carries out a number of activities such as : * Records all the financial activities of the business, listing revenue earned by the business and the expenditure necessary for production. * Employees in the finance department monitor the expenditure of all departments and advise if expenditure appears too high. * The Finance manager in the finance department overseas customers accounts to ensure that Tescos receives the money to which it is entitled. * Employees in the finance department also interprets financial data for senior or middle management to ensure that decision-making is based on the most up to date information possible. * The finance manager also provides financial information about Tescos tax liability to external bodies Corporation Tax Inland Revenue Income Tax VAT HM Customs & Excise Tescos is now implementing policies to involve more people in the management of finance. This will involve de-layering, which involves reducing the number of levels of hierarchy in the structure. This means that employees lower down the hierarchy have greater authority and greater control over their working lives. ...read more.


Managers, have to analyse the prevailing culture by assessing features such as values and climate. They have to take various forms of action to demonstrate sincerity, to explain the changes, to indicate the objectives and advantages to the workforce. After the completion of this coursework, I have noticed that the role of a manager is very complex and broad. The manager has to try to bring harmony and peace while at the same working towards meeting the organisation. His key functions which include motivating, planning, leading, organising, etc will help him to ensure the company survival and the well-being of the staff. The ability to use his skills (communication and interpersonal) effectively and efficiently will allow him to negotiate with third parties and represent his company brilliantly and win the respect of his superiors and colleagues within the company. Tescos management team are doing their best to make their company successful. Through the writing of this report, I have found out how management are using their activities, which are planning, organising, leading, Communication or co-ordinating and Motivating to achieve Tescos Aims and objectives. I have also got to know the role of Tescos management and how they are helping Tescos Plc improve their performance. Tescos Plc uses different resources in managing their company and if management take good care of these recourses, it will help the company attain their position in the market as the will want. And if these resources are not well taking care off, it can bring the performance of the company down since there will be no good resources to use to help build the company. Management in Tescos have to have good communication skills and interpersonal skills to help them communicate better to their employees, customers, creditors, and suppliers. Management will have to have the ability to negotiate good credit facilities for Tescos so as not to put Tescos in much debt. Management will have to have good interpersonal skills to resolve conflict and be able to have good and friendly working environment where employees will feel free and happy to work to raise the performance of Tescos. ...read more.

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