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Investigate and evaluate the overall pre inspection preparation process within an early years setting.

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Investigate and evaluate the overall pre inspection preparation process within an early years setting. Before Ofsted are due to visit a nursery, managers are contacted, an inspector is appointed and an information pack is sent out. The nursery manager must then by law put up a notice for parents/carers giving information about the imminent inspection. This will give parents the chance to ask question and voice their concerns to staff. A managers form and setting confirmation form is to be completed and returned to Ofsted before they make their vist. Ofsted will also require anay published information for parents which should include staffing details, admission arrangement and the educational program. This information will be checked to ensure the information given to parents is correct and adhered to by the setting. It is important parents are given the correct information about their chosen childcare provider. Other information required by Ofsted is the Special Educational Needs Policy and provision and other other releveant policies. Staff self appraisal forms need to be collected and updated and a copy of the timetable of work to done whilst Ofsted are present. All the information will be studied by Ofsted allowing them to pre-plan their visit prior to inspections. ...read more.


Many schools hold and update information on the S forms to minimise the amount of preparation necessary for inspection. This minimises the disruption to the school prior to the inspection, most of the information is available without having to put in many days work at this stressful time. In my workplace the staff are asked to fill in sections of the form themselves about the area they specialise in. The head then collates the information and fills in the form using the information given by staff. This works very well as staff such as myself have a more in depth knowledge of their specialised areas. I specialise in ICT in school and know what changes have been made and what areas we cover very well or areas we need to improve on. Given this information the head can fill in the form with more in depth information. The area co-coordinators also give in depth information regarding their particular area. This way of collecting information shows excellent leadership skills from the head and shows staff input is valued. The S4 form is completed using the whole staff team. A pre-inspection visit will be carried out by an inspector who will visit the school for a day. ...read more.


Prior to my inspection I ensured all childrens folders stored on PC were in the correct place and easy to find. My portfolio of software used for each area of the curriculum although up to date was tidied up and I reorganised it so finding information would be easier. I spent a lot of time on the technical side of IT to ensure all school computers and whiteboards were up and running smoothly to avoid technical issues arising during the visit. I replaced all my displays around school so they were fresh and new. The resources I used during the inspection were replaced with tidy and neat versions, such as question sheets which I re-printed and laminated as they do become scruffy with excessive use. I spent hours reading the QCA scheme of work to confirm in my head that everything that should be covered in school was being covered. In my opinion all the extra work that I put in did not help raise the standard of IT offered to the children but increased my confidence during the inspection. Through my experience all teaching staff do worry about the inspection and spend a lot of extra time ensuring everything is up to date and of the best possible quality. Teachers should also be familiar with grade descriptions for all key judgements. These help inspectors and teachers decide which grade fits best towards a judgement. Tracy Booth HNC 08/05/2007 1 ...read more.

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