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Investigate customer service practices in Delta International Book Wholesalers Ltd. and Lance Owen Ltd.

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Introduction As part of my customer services assignment, I have been asked to identify two businesses where it is possible for me to in investigate customer service practices. I must produce a case study comparing two business organisations, investigating the extent to which each has developed an effective customer service programme and evaluate the effect of those programmes on customer satisfaction. The businesses I have chosen for the purposes of completing this assignment are Delta International Book Wholesalers Ltd. and Lance Owen Ltd. I chose Delta because I have worked there in the past, and have a close relation who is a current member of staff and could therefore help me acquire general information about the organisation. Delta's aim is to provide books to customers all over the world. Their motto is "Any Book, Any Publisher, Any Where". Delta's main customers are schools, institutions and bookshops overseas, usually those that are specializing in English Language Teaching Books, or schools who are teaching English as a foreign language. Delta operates from just a single headquarters, which is located in Surrey and deals with customers all over the world. The other business organisation that I have chosen is Lance Owen, which is a subsidiary of Vauxhall Motors. I chose this business because I know a member of staff, who might be able to help me investigate existing customer service practices. Lance Owen is a Vauxhall Retailer and a supplier of new cars, light vans and recreational vehicles. It is essentially responsible for the service and repair of Vauxhall vehicles, and the sales of genuine parts and accessories. It has a commitment to meet the needs of Vauxhall customers and potential customers in the areas of Kingston, Richmond, Twickenham and Weydbridge. E1, The Importance of good customer service Customer service is a vital part of both Delta and Lance Owen, as these are both customer-orientated organisations, which aim to increase or maximise sales. ...read more.


Delta is providing customers with the services they require; ensuring any experience potential customers associate with the organisation is a positive one. Staff should be updated with information regarding the goods and services Delta aims to provide. They are also monitored and assessed on their ability to provide objective impartial advice on a day-to-day basis. Ensuring that staff are capable of fulfilling their roles adequately, providing relevant information regarding the goods and services customers may wish to purchase. (b) Lance Owen Ltd. Lance Owen has four stores, which it seems provide an effective medium for providing goods and services to customers in the areas of Kingston, Richmond, Twickenham and Rickmansworth. It also has a corporate website which provides not only general information about the company, but also detailed information, explaining the types of goods and services on offer. This is an increasing accessibility to the customer, and delivering promotional messages. Internet websites can be looked at from anywhere in the world and demonstrate potential for increasing or maximising sales by enhancing awareness amongst communities other than those in which the company immediately operates. Customers may travel to the store, or communicate via telephone, e-mail and fax. Illustrating the commitment of Lance Owen in making goods and services widely available to potential customers. It is important to recognise that by offering numeral methods of communication, customers can be satisfied in a more efficient manner, causing less inconvenience. Lance Owen has stated that any messages received from customers, either by telephone, e-mail or fax will be responded to within 3 days. An attempt to demonstrate genuine regard for customers can increase chances of customer loyalty and repeat business. By offering mixed menu prices for a wide range of goods and services, Lance Owen will offer a competitive selection of products. They have also vowed never to undertake work without a customers' authority, and all products supplied by the organisation are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months. ...read more.


Again, benchmarking would be an effective way of developing a more competent workforce. Establish league tables of performance based upon customer feedback If Delta were to become stricter in its scrutinizing of customer satisfaction, it may be able to establish league tables for customer care advisors based upon customer feedback, with an award granted at the end of each month. This would motivate the workforce to become more critical of the way customers are handled. It is likely that standards of customer service would improve and members of staff would become more competitive and ambitious, resulting in increased efficiency. (b) Lance Owen Service and Parts Team should be fully accountable for services provided to the customer Members of the Service and Parts Team should be held fully accountable for services provided to the customer. Should any services prove defective, it should by the related employees responsibility to replace the service originally provided, free of charge (in unpaid time). This would lead to a high standard of service being available to the customer, because employees would be unwilling to replace defective services without pay and would therefore become more dedicated in their approach to providing high quality services. This could have negative repercussions on members of staff, who would feel that this is an unfair policy. However, it is likely that these would be the members of staff who carry out defective would on a regular basis. Rewards for employees who work well Members of staff who work in sales orientated departments could be offered commission base pay or rewards for meeting or exceeding proposed sales targets. This would result in a better standard of service being provided as it is likely that sales assistants would be anxious to impress the customer in hope of achieving sales, This could also have a negative affect, as employees will not be in a position to provide sound, impartial advice, as they will be primarily aiming for an increase in sales. David Clayton 1 AVCE Business, Customer Services, Anne Knox ...read more.

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