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Investigate differing learning styles of an AVCE second year student group.

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1. Abstract This report investigates differing learning styles of an AVCE second year student group. Firstly the report provides a critical account of the context of the course; it's provision and relevant information about the learners and how some aspects of learning theory can be applied within the delivery of the Project Management module. Taking into account the theoretical issues a scheme of work, lesson plans and teaching material was prepared for the project management module, which I am unit leader for next semester. The second part of the report provides a critical review of the scheme of work and lesson plans and justifies the learning strategies used. It explains how individual needs and support issues have been addressed and considered when planning and delivering a lesson. The report concludes with an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the sessions. 2. Table of Contents 1. Abstract 1 2. Table of Contents 2 3. Terms of Reference 3 4. Understanding and Managing the Learning Process 4 4.1 Introduction 4 4.2 Factors influencing the ability and desire to learn 4 4.2.1 The Course Provision and Group Members 4 4.3 Theories of Learning 5 4.4 Relevance of Bloom's Classification of the cognitive domain within the learning process of AVCE students 7 4.5 Aims, objectives and outcomes of the scheme of work, lesson plans and learning materials in relation to the cognitive learning taxonomy 10 4.6 Teaching and learning strategies deployed in the development of the project management unit 12 4.7 The importance of language, literacy and numeracy 13 4.8 Evaluation of teaching and learning strategies 13 4.9 Evaluation of learning materials used 14 4.10 Evaluation of Student Learning 14 4.11 Strengths and weaknesses of the sessions 15 5. References 16 6. Bibliography 17 Appendix A Scheme Of Work.......................................................................18 Appendix B Lesson Plans............................................................................19 Appendix C Teaching materials....................................................................21 Appendix D Presentation Slides .................................................................22 3. Terms of Reference This report is intended to satisfy the requirements of an assignment that has been set as part of an In-Service PGCE in Education. ...read more.


Student C who is easily distracted and often fails to complete his work does show he has quite extensive knowledge in specific IT areas that are related to his work at Staples where he deals with the computing hardware side. Comprehension is the ability to illustrate, explain or describe the reasons for something. This area of understanding can be fairly basic. All the students have a generally equal level of comprehension in the subject areas, although Student A has more difficulty explaining reasons in written report format or under exam conditions. Application is the ability to take the knowledge and comprehension of something and to utilise this in new situations. Using the mathematical formula example, knowledge is where a student is aware of or knows the formula, comprehension is the understanding that the formula can be used to solve a particular problem and application is having the ability to use the formula to actually solve it. There was evidence of prior learning being applied to a new situation whereby the knowledge gained when produced a user manual for a spreadsheet unit was applied to producing a user manual for the database unit. Also Students explained that the group work undertaken in the multi media unit was a good way of pooling knowledge and comprehension. Consequently, the project management unit I am leading will include a group project to develop a web site. The intention is to team those students who demonstrate good organisational skills with those who show an aptitude for graphical design. Group work has shown that the knowledge, comprehension and application of a group can be higher than the individuals themselves would achieve, as not everyone is a specialist in every field. Analysis is the breaking down of something into its component parts, differentiating between similar items and the ability to compare and contrast. All the students interviewed for this report were able to use the knowledge and comprehension of information they have been given and apply this to new situations. ...read more.


4.9 Evaluation of learning materials used As a result of doing this research, I now ensure that basic knowledge and understanding of subject matter is achieved by recapping both in group discussion and on a one to one basis with individual students. I also plan individual lessons in greater depth and look for new ways to break up the learning process into more manageable chunks, by using tasks sheets and group work and the requesting agendas and minutes are taken. I have explored the use of electronic tools such as Course Genie in order to provide a much interactive way of presenting information. I am now proficient at using the whiteboard and actively encourage students to use it during group discussions. In conclusion I feel that by gaining a good understanding of the individual needs of my student I can adapt lessons to suit. This is substantiated by Stephens and Roderick (1971) who state, "that a failure to select methods that are appropriate to the real needs and interests of the students will weaken their educational achievement" 4.10 Evaluation of Student Learning Assessment of student's learning is two fold. Firstly work produced during each practical session, is checked and commented upon. Secondly more formal assessment takes place by marking the three assignments and feeding back on the PowerPoint presentation. As this is the first course for which I have been responsible for the complete management of the learning process, I am as yet unable to critically discuss the effectiveness of the strategies and materials. However, I am confident that the students will learn more effectively from this style of content delivery than they have from the previous project management material that was I asked to deliver last year delivered with the very limited material provided for me by previous unit leader. 4.11 Strengths and weaknesses of the sessions As the scheme of work and lessons are not planned to be delivered until 24 January 2005 the strengths and weaknesses cannot at this moment in time be reflected upion. 1556 5. ...read more.

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