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Investigate the company's behavior on the market and its prices - Human Capital Bulgaria.

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I. Introduction. 1. The objective of the coursework - to investigate the company's behavior on the market and its prices 2. The importance of the economic analysis - for every company is essential to know how the local market operates and how it could take advantage of it. Another important thing is that every company should be aware of its own economic state. 3. The company under investigation - AIMS Human Capital Bulgaria. 4. Methodology: * Company's background * Services it provides * Target markets * SWOT Analysis * Price, financials and future predictions 5. Data sources: * Internal data of the company * Web page II. Economic Analysis of AIMS Human Capital Bulgaria 1. Company's Background Aims human Capital Bulgaria is a member and representative of one of the top three worldwide leaders in the field of Human Resources consultancy - AIMS - the Association for International Management Search (www.aims-network.com), headquarters in Vienna, Austria. AIMS Network has more than 250 consultants in 80 offices and 40 countries on 5 continents. The turnover achieved by the member companies in 2000 was 250 million USD and there's a 20% average increase of turnover per annum. ...read more.


Weaknesses 1. Machinery not up to date: There are very few new computers. Most of them are being up dated, but this is not enough for some of the applications used. 2. Suspicion: Still some of the Bulgarian companies are not familiar with the services AIMS provides, so they are a little uncertain when investing in them. 3. Marketing: It can be considered as both Strength and Weakness, because marketing strategy is almost entirely focused on the people and the companies that were already clients of AIMS Human Capital Bulgaria. Brochures have been sent to them and they've been up to dated with information concerning new changes in the company, BUT there are no advertisements in the media, so AIMS can rally only on word of month ads for attracting new clients. Opportunities: 1. The present financial position of AIMS is very good, which creates a good reputation for future bank loans and borrowings. 2. The skilled workforce means that they can be moved and trained for other areas in the business. 3. The HR Business is still not very well developed in Bulgaria so the clients that need such services have a limited resource. ...read more.


* Sales Vs. Expenses monthly * Contribution margins The contribution margin should increase steadily during the next year because of two factors: 1. The cost of sales goes down as the HR business is being developed, bringing on the know-how it needs to fulfill the promise it has given to the clients. Risk goes up with the increased fixed costs, but the margins go up too, because cost of sales is less. 2. AIMS sales and marketing expenses will stabilize. A decrease in the overall level of expenses is not expected, but they should decline in percentage terms as sales go up. III. Conclusion As we see from the economic analysis, AIMS Human Capital Bulgaria is one very successful company. Still, there are some things that need to be improved, for example the marketing strategy. The main obstacle I had when writing this coursework was the difficult access to the company's data. The profit and loss account, the pricing and the salaries are confidential information and no big company will reveal them. Anyway, I was provided with some data from AIMS, because I'm a member of its team, but the numbers I used are not true, they are similar to them, but I was not aloud tell the real ones. However, the final conclusions are true and as this information is confidential it should not be distributed. ...read more.

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