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Investigate their human resources, administration, finance and sales and marketing departments to then see how each contributes to the running of Marks and Spencer's.

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Marks and Spencer's have many different store departments but also have many different departments of their business, its functional areas. I am going to look at and investigate their human resources, administration, finance and sales and marketing departments to then see how each contributes to the running of Marks and Spencer's. Human Resources: The human resources department aims to carry out 5 major things, these being: 1. Recruiting, keeping and dismissing employees. This is a major task for M&S as they need the right type of employees for the business to operate it's best, also the employees shall decide the businesses success present and future. Recruiting new employees could be hiring new people from outside the business or promoting workers already working in the business. Many businesses such as M&S like recruiting from outside the business to bring new ideas and enthusiasm. M&S would want to keep all their existing employees as they would risk losing experienced and trained staff, plus recruiting new workers and training them can prove to be expensive. Sometimes M&S would have to dismiss or sack employees, this may be due if an employee cannot carry out their job efficiently or effectively. ...read more.


But nevertheless a business has 2 main sources of capital; a loan raised by borrowing money from a bank or another business and retained profits, if M&S has been very profitable they may be able to invest in the business and obtain resources they may need. Some typical job roles in the finance function in M&S would include; Job Description Financial director Giving advice to senior managers on the overall financial policy of M&S. Overseeing the budget of M&S. In charge of all finance function in M&S. Financial Manager Managing the finance function and staff. He/she also advises other members of staff with any financial queries. Chief Accountant He/She ensures that final preparation of accounts M&S are in good and correct order. Management accountant He/She produces continuous financial information to M&S. Credit Controller Advising on credit policies. Making sure money owing to M&S kept in confidence. Credit control clerks Helps check accounts of new and existing customers accounts. He/She works below the Credit Controller but assist the credit controller. They also remind customers of overdue payments Chief Cashier He/She is responsible for the receipt, safe keeping accounting and banking all money received from boots. Payroll Administrator He/She is in control of ensuring that all of M&S employees payroll and salary/wages section. ...read more.


attempting to influence the publics opinions of the business and its products through sponsorship, trade fairs the press and media Businesses try to achieve their sales through a number of ways: 1 Selling products through shops 2 Personal selling such as when sales reps encourage customers to buy their products 3 Internet selling is an increasingly important sales method as it is spreading and growing bigger The typical job roles you can expect are: Typical job Title Job Role Marketing Director Responsible for over all marketing function and its aims and objectives. Sales Director He/She is responsible for the sales function. Sales Manager He/she is responsible for M&S entire sales staff and achievement of sales targets usually within the UK. Export Manager This individual is responsible for agents and sales overseas. Advertising Manager In charge of advertising and publishing successful advertising campaigns. Sales Coordinator This person is responsible for giving urgent information required by sales staffs that are travelling. Sales Representatives M&S sales staff who visit customers in UK and abroad. Market Researchers This team is relied upon to find out what customers want and whether or not there is a need for this new product. Order Clerks This staffs are responsible to accept and process sales orders. Telephone Sales staff Accept and process telephone orders. ...read more.

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