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Investigating and analysing the standards to which Boots plc should have on their working condition.

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Analyse: Standard of Working Conditions. I have been asked to produce a piece of work investigating and analysing the standards to which Boots plc should have on their working condition, that will be reasonable for the working staff at Boots plc. Expectations Analyse and justification Induction Before an employee, starts work at Boots plc they will have to do on an induction, where they will have a tour of the store, where they will also be introduced to other working staff, and where they will then be able to discuss their working hours. I think Boots plc should provide this in terms of health and safety, because it will be allowing the person to see whether the store is going to damage their health and safety, and it will also allow them to discuss their working hours as there is a regulation that does not allow that person to work for no longer than 48 hours a week. This law is the Working Time Regulation which was introduced in 1998. It is important for Boots plc to do this as it will allow the new staff member to see the type of people they will be working along with, and to see the type of way the business works with the staff to see that they are safe in all aspects of working in the store. ...read more.


So then no ones health and safety can be affected. Fire extinguishers & Break glass Boots plc will be expected to have fire extinguisher so they will be able to tackle small fires that may not damage their business too much, because if they don't then they could lose a lot stock, to which then if a bank looks at the facts of how the fire started they will see that the business could have stopped the fire and then they didn't so then they may see that the fire was started on purpose so then they many not be able to get any money back to which could replace their stock. Fire extinguisher could also be placed in the store for the purpose of customer and safety, so then they will be able to put small fires out so then it may not be able to hurt the health and safety of people in the store. Boots plc will also be expected to have break glass fire points, as they will then be able to activate something that may be able to tackle big fires, this will also alert the fire brigade, allowing them to tackle your fire. ...read more.


This is so then they are treating all customers with the same respect as normal customers. First aid This is where Boots plc will have to provide a first aid kit, or a first aid room, this is were the accidents which occur will be recorded, and seen to. The importance of this is that then boots plc will have a record of all accidents to which occur in the business, so then if an HSE looks at the record they can then see if the business has tried to overcome the accident by changing the working area. Boots plc are required to either have a first aid kit or room, as it is part of a regulation this regulation is Reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations this was introduced in 1995, and the First aid regulation, which was also introduced in 1981 PPE Boots plc here is expected to provide personal protective equipment, as this will relate to the PPE law (Personal protective Equipment at work regulation.). This law expects boots plc to insure that their employees are protected while using different equipment that may be used in Boots plc. The importance of this is that then the store is protecting their staff against any dangers to which could be caused while using certain equipment in the store. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rachel lock ...read more.

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