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Investigating Buisness

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Investigating Business I am going to be investigating the Cds- Rail business. I will look at the aims and objectives set out by CDS rail in order to achieve success as a business. I will explore the effects of the external environment has on this business and I will study how the business uses market research to identify customer needs and how these marketing activities help the business achieve its aims and objectives. I will also look at the meaning of enterprise and enterprising behavior within a company and why individuals and teams are vital to the success of the business. Cds - Rail is a highly innovative product and customer service organization operating within the rail industry. Cdsrail are well established with a dominant position in the UK market. Aims and Objectives The many objectives for Cdsrail, and indeed most companies, are the survival of the company and making a profit. Cdsrail is a technology company, and therefore while making a profit also needs to be making enough money for future investment in technology. Its aiming for a 70% mark up on its profits as this is enough to ensure a profit and also a return on investment (ROI). ...read more.


We can do this by collecting quantitative information and qualitative information. Through quantitative information we plan to set out monthly forecast for sales revenue and then look at actually monthly revenue compared to these costs. We plan to collect qualitative information by holding meetings with our internal and external stakeholders. These meetings will gauge, monitor, record, and then improve as with the stakeholders needs. External Environment Cdsrail will have to consider how the external environment in which the business operates is going to affect its ability to reach its aims and objectives. First Cds rail consider the differing levels of economic activity within a country. Cdsrail relies on densely population areas with a large transport infrastructure. It therefore focuses mainly on the North East and South East as these areas are the most densely populated. Cdsrail are under contract with network rail, which carry out regular safety auditory checks on Cdsrail. Cdsrail is by no means an unchallenged business. It has to cope with a significant amount of competition from other businesses. Because what Cdsrail offer is project based they are able to revise there prices based on customer expectations, available budget and levels of competition. ...read more.


CDS make sure they have a practice that caters to a niche market that their product is geared towards the need of that market, their price is within the budget of that market and they are distributing the product where it will be seen by that market, and gear promotion to solve the problems that they are encountering. Importance of teams to success of a business At Cdsrail, the management team works together on many key objectives. The engineering manager and head of projects have developed a breadth of understanding of the business strategy by getting involved at the early stages of the sale cycle and by being responsible for delivering solutions on time and inside budget. This collective sense of responsibility extends to their teams and this working spirit has been the key to success of new developments. At also helps to minimize reliance on any one key individual as well as foster cognitive learning at an organizational level. The core departments of the organization comprise; � A highly skilled engineering development team who design and produce the solutions. � A professionally structured and highly experienced project team to manage client driven developments, production and overall project delivery. ...read more.

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