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investigating business

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Portfolio Evidence for Unit 1 Introduction 1. In this portfolio Evidence, I will be investigating two businesses, both based in the United Kingdom, operating in two different sectors and markets. From the research I have done, my aim will be to create a report comparing both businesses, concentrating particularly on the following areas: * aims and objectives * Activities * Location * Functional areas * Communication Methods * External influences I will look at a range of different areas of the businesses and suggest possible ways to improve them. The two businesses I will focus on are Cadbury Schweppes and Richer Sounds, both leading companies in their industry. Activities of Cadbury Schweppes 1. Cadbury Schweppes Plc is the world's largest confectionary and Beverages Company by sales values, operating in a vast number of countries globally. Its main brands include: Cadbury, Schweppes, Dr Pepper and many more. It operates in the manufacturing (secondary) sector and is the leading company in confectionary and beverages market. The manufacturing sector, particularly the food and beverages industry, employs over 550,000 people and has a turnover of �64 billion, accounting for 17% of the total manufacturing sector. This sector is certainly improving due to population growth and increased consumer wealth. The table below shows the number of companies and the total turnover in the marketing sector between 1995 and 2003. Table 1: The size of the UK's manufacturing sector Year Number of enterprises Total turnover Total employment - average during the year (� million) (Thousand) 1995 171,518 425,963 .. 1996 164,808 450,177 .. 1997 169,663 469,787 .. 1998 169,376 460,677 4,416 1999 170,196 461,771 4,269 2000 167,289 469,146 4,143 2001 164,718 461,898 3,969 2002 162,212 450,090 3,762 2003 158,528 447,178 3,534 Due to the size of the market, there will be some factors which affect the business. Cadbury Schweppes has many competitors, so it develops many new products in order to stay at the top of the market. ...read more.


It is obvious that different departments play different roles in the business such as the finance area deals with work mostly based on money and the production of financial documents. However, the marketing department has the responsibility of promoting products and attracting more customers which are significant to the business as they (customers) are the ones who purchase products and increase profit. Evaluation 23. On the whole, the functional areas work together effectively; however, there may be occasional difficulties. Richer Sounds has set itself some aims and objectives so the company can run efficiently and meet certain targets. Moreover, the marketing department has a very important role and for it to work effectively it must abide by the aims and objectives of Richer Sounds. 24. The majority of the goals are met by the marketing department. One example is the 'point-of-sale' which is responsible for keeping the stores looking attractive which contributes to one of their goals - 'keeping the business fun'. The department also pays careful attention to how products are advertised and the cost of it as it doesn't want to spend too much money or profit levels would decrease, this also contributes to another goal ' consolidate the business and improve our profitability'. 25. The IT department has a major role in the business as computers are very widely used in the world, especially in businesses, and many tasks cannot be done without them. Richer Sounds has a vast computer system which enables employees to communicate with each other both internally and externally. However, computer networks are extremely vulnerable to many threats such as viruses and in 2002 the main email server failed and caused serious problems. Fortunately, the IT department resolved the problem by choosing the best solution and decided that the email server should be backed up by a third party. As a result of their decision, all the stores would be able to send emails; therefore, fax use would decrease resulting in the fax bill being reduced. ...read more.


E.g. what is legally expected * Social requirements and expectations. The sorts of expectations that society has of businesses e.g. to operate in an ethical way * economic constraints e.g. the amount of income that consumers generally have to spend * Technological constraints. Often what businesses are able to produce and sell and how they operate is determined by the technologies available to them. 50. Cadbury Schweppes is dedicated to complying with environmental; health and safety laws with their global standards. They also regularly assess the compliance of their operations against these requirements. Their environmental goal is to 'minimize the environmental impacts of our businesses. They are committed to: * Develop reliance on renewable energy * Reduce carbon based fuels * Use 100% recoverable or biodegradable packaging 51. Their global environmental targets are to reduce (from 2006 to 2010) by 10% (per tonne finished product) each of the following by 2010: * Carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2) * Energy use water use * Solid waste * Wastewater 52. Their carbon emissions intensity was reduced by nearly 15% between 2000 and 2005. Cadbury Schweppes are very committed to reducing overall packaging, and the use of recyclable packaging. Some examples of their actions in this area are: * Developing lightweight packaging and reducing the amount of packaging material; * Using multi-packs, lightweight secondary display packs, cartons; * Using returnable bottles in markets where the reuse of bottles is well established; * Seeking to innovate, through the use of the new materials Suggestions 53. By and large it can be suggested that Cadbury Schweppes continues to be very competitive by producing and designing packaging more appealing to customers, which might increase sales of products, but, using less plastic materials would reduce the amount of harmful gases are released into the atmosphere. It also can be recommend that they use should less electricity in their factories as to the use of masses of fuel and releasing increased amounts of carbon dioxide. In order to do this, they should use, if possible, use solar panels. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jamil Hussain 10L Page 1 of 20 ...read more.

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