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Investigating Business - School Shop

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Unit2 - Investigating Business School Shop Introduction My school has decided to start up a new school shop to be run by the sixth formers. The shop will be in the school but is still in its early stages and needs help to be set up. The head has asked me and some other fellow students to help with the start up of the shop. They feel it will give me an insight into how a business is set up and run, but also the problems that a business can encounter. I will have to produce a name, logo and objectives for the company whilst running the start up of the business. Start Up I have chosen to call the shop "Hayes Days" this is because it's clear that the shop is related to Hayes, it is catchy and easy to remember, and it rhymes which means it will be quite easy to advertise. Slogan & Logo: Smart Objectives: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timing To break even by Christmas To Have 30% of the school visit the shop within the first 2months To Have 10% of the school buy something every week after the first month. Hayes Days sells: I have decided the main focus of the shop will be on Milkshakes & smoothies which are made from fresh fruit as a healthy and tasty option for students. Sandwich wraps will also be sold as an alternative to canteen food. Mission Statement Our mission statement as a school shop is to provide healthy quality food at convenience for students, by enabling them to purchase what they need during school. We aim to sell healthy but tasty food for students and encourage them to eat healthier by offering an alternative to canteen food. Ownership and Legal issues The ownership of a business is very important because it effects the legal set-up, responsibilities of the owner, work load, stress and holiday. ...read more.


The staff can be given all different jobs and positions within the company which they will do in return for a wage. Each position is equally important as the other because a business cannot run without people to provide the service or products. The employee's need to be kept happy and motivated otherwise they wont perform to the best of their ability and are more likely to leave the business which means them having to find new staff and train them. I think that the staff are very important to the business because without people to serve the customers, the business will not make a profit an there for not survive. The employees need to be motivated, happy and given a chance of showing off their skills in order for them to be confident and happy at work. In Hayes Days I will give employees a chance to improve at work and give them challenges to achieve, this should also motivate them to do the best that they can for the business. The employees want to be respected and earn a decent wage; they also want to be given the chance to move higher up within the business hierarchy. The Suppliers The suppliers are the people who provide a business with the products or services that they need to sell to customers. The suppliers usually visit a store once a week to deliver stock which is ordered by the business before hand or everyday if the store is selling fresh food. The suppliers have a big influence on the business because without products to sell, there is nothing for customers to buy which means no profit for the business. If the business makes no profit then they cannot survive and will have to close down. If the business keeps a good relationship with the suppliers then when they order things in bulk the suppliers may give them discounts or lower prices if they order regularly. ...read more.


The sandwiches and wraps category had 8 people which was still one of the highest so I am confident that the sandwiches and wraps will sell, and also as they are going to be higher quality than the canteen but still at a lower price. Also they will be cheaper than Sainsbury's but of the same quality so when sixth formers don't want to walk to the station the shop will be even more convenient. From looking at this results graph I have decided that I will sell all these flavoured smoothies as it doesn't cost a lot for me to make them and I can gain a profit from the price students are willing to pay. The most popular flavour smoothie is tropical which means I will have to order a lot of fruit that's needed in that smoothie. This is the same for other popular flavours like raspberry, apple and banana. This is a positive affect for my business because where it is so cheap for me to make my smoothies and they seem to be something students are interested in, it means that I will have a unique selling point as no other shops nearby sell them. Secondary Research PERCEPTUAL MAP Competitors Sainsbury's Sainsbury's is my main competitor because they will be providing nearly the same level of quality but at a higher price which is an advantage for me. I am able to provide a good quality at a low price because my smoothies cost so little to make, I can spend a little more on wraps and sandwiches. Also only sixth formers have the ability to go to the station during lunch so not many students will be able to get Sainsbury's food anyway. Canteen The canteen is another main competitor for me because it has convenience for the students at Hayes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 2 - Investigating business - 1 - ...read more.

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