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Investigating how business works - a family firm that manufactures clothes

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INVESTIGATING HOW BUSINESS WORKS PHILIP MARKHAM LTD GNVQ BUSINESS STUDIES INTERMEDIATE UNIT 1 Philip Markham Ltd is a family firm. It is traditional manufacturers of classic men swear and produces a wide range of exclusive shirts and ties. It also sells a more limited range of trousers, jackets, overcoats and sweaters. Only shirts and ties are manufactured in the factory in Marlington. Other items are obtained by placing orders with specialist manufacturers. Philip Markham aims to manufacture and sell high quality men's clothing at fair, competitive prices and to all its customers. Objectives are to use high quality fabric for the shirts and customers can select which style of sleeve of collar they prefer, which type of sleeve fastening and even the length of the sleeve. The four functional areas I will be looking at are: - Resources and IT Finance Production Human Resources Resources and IT The company operates from a large factory, which was purchased by Philip Markham in the 1920s. Jack's father, the great grandson of Philip Markham refurbished it in the 1970s and the offices are quite spacious and pleasant. The company first introduced computers in the 1980s. Kim Fields was appointed in 1992 and the company now has a small-networked computer system. Computers are used for: * Recording purchases and sales * Preparing financial and management accounts * Recording payroll information and calculating salaries and wages each month * Recording orders received from mail order customers analysing these * Keeping a database of all personnel employed by the company * Preparing letters and memos * Sending e-mails between departments. At the time the IT facilities were introduced it has been planned to locate them within the finance function. Finally, however, it was decided that it should be linked to Administration, as it involved all areas of the business. Marsha Webb is currently investigating how IT could help her to monitor manufacturing levels more easily. ...read more.


The larger the organisation is, the more likely to have a several staff working in the Human Resources. For example: - Human resources director who is a senior manager in the organisation and this is more likely to be found at a large manufacturing organisation which employs thousands of workers. A medium company will have human resource manager who overseas a much smaller number of staff. Human resources function is to deal with the employee who works for the company. Wise organisation regard staff as the most important resource. The reason why I think human resources make their employees an important figure in their company is because their employees are well trained, keen to do their best and committed to the aims of the business. Supposed employees of one organisation are not motivated at their work then all the money and best equipment in the world wouldn't make that organisation successful. The A-Z of Human Resource services - A flavour of what we do A. For application forms, absences and appraisals B. Covers benefits and bonuses C. Concerns contracts of employment, conditions of service, counselling services D. To discuss your development, your rights under discrimination or disability legislation E. All areas relating to your employment, earning, equal opportunities, eye sight tests and exit interviews F. To talk to us about fairness at work G. If you've grievance, perhaps H. For holiday entitlement, hours and health I. For illness, interviews and industrial relations J. For job descriptions and job share opportunities K. If you want to improve your knowledge and know how L. For leave of absence, if you need it M. For maternity, medical examinations and mentors N. For notice periods and National Insurance information O. To check on overtime and off-the-job or on-the-job training opportunities P. Perhaps for pay, pensions, probationary periods or paternity leave Q. For qualifications and queries R. For references, recruitment, retirement, resignations and your rights in general S. Search us out for information on salaries, sickness pay, self-certification T. ...read more.


A report from the Trades Union Congress argues that people of African, Afro-Caribbean and Asian ethnicity don't get their fair share of promotions at work despite having better qualifications. According to the race issues policy officer at the TUC, black people are less likely to be turned down for a job as 'held back' from promotion. People already in work - bring most cases to tribunals not just for being turned down for promotion but also for conditions of work, lack of training and racial abuse. This situation is under The Race Relation Act 1976. This act makes it unlawful for anyone to be discriminated against on grounds of colour, race, nationality or ethnic origin. An increasing number of lawyers are offering a no-win, no-fee service to employees who think they have been unfairly dismissed (The Employment Rights Act 1996). This helps those who don't belong to a union to obtain free advice. This, plus the fact that the maximum compensation limit an employee can expect from a tribunal has increased to �56,000, appears to be the reason for the huge rise in cases. Between July 1998 and 1999 ACAS recorded 136, 000 notifications of industrial tribunals - a 30% increase on the previous year. Since 1986, harassment has been classed as an act of discrimination. It is not only the employee who harasses who is guilty but also the employer if nothing has been done to take 'reasonable steps' to stop it. Firms must make it clear that harassment amounts to gross misconduct. The Equal Opportunities Commission received 700 complaints about harassment in 1999. Some cases are settled out of court - Dee Mazurkiewica, a former police detective, won a reported �300,000 from Thames Valley police. This was a serious case but smaller settlements - from �5 to �20,000 - can result from acts of 'belittling' - such as making inappropriate or sexist comments or behaving in away that another person finds sexually threatening or insulting. This situation is under a Sex Discrimination Act 1975. ...read more.

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