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Is BA's organisational structure effective?

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2b level3 Evaluation of BA structure In this section I am going to discuss whether the organisational structure of BA is effective enough. Is BA's organisational structure effective? For an organisational structure to be effective it must have an impact on the business and whatever the business does it has to take it up. I believe that BAs organisational structure is very effective according to this statement this is because the communication in the structure is very good. The reason that it is important for BA to have an effective organisational structure is because it helps them to keep the employees happy. One of the ways the effectiveness of communication and the overall structure can be demonstrated is by looking at the layout and placement of individuals within BA. ...read more.


If the standard of work is the same then this shows that the information that is being passed around is the same, therefore showing that the communication is good. The BA way The BA way shows the values and goals of BA, it also shows how BA achieves these values and goals. Below is a diagram, which shows the BA way. The diagram starts of by showing us the ways that BA run and what there main targets are. After BA show this they then go on to tells us their values this shows us the main areas that BA run their business around. BA then show us their goals this then explains to us the main aims of the business and how they can measure if they are achieving this. ...read more.


This will show the employees that their work is appreciated. If the employees feel that their work is appreciated then this will mean that they will be happier and will therefore do more work. Conclusion I believe that the organisational structure is very effective in the success of BA because it unites everyone that is part of the business and helps the business to know what they are aiming for. The graph below shows how well the employees are doing at BA by looking at the customer satisfaction. It shows that there are a lot of people that like BA and would recommend or fly BA again, however in this graph you can see a downfall within the business this shows that there is a fault within the business that could have made these changes and BA need to find this fault and improve the services. ...read more.

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