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Is there a gap in the chocolate market? How could one befilled? Looking at Cadbury's Plc.

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To The Managing Director at Cadbury's PLC From Karl Buckroyd, Marketing Director Date 10 October 2002 Title Is there a gap in the chocolate market? How could one be filled? Signed Karl Buckroyd Contents Page 1 Front page Page 2 Contents page Page 3 Introduction Page 5 Introduction Is there a gap in the chocolate market? This report has been written to discover whether there is a gap in the market? And if so any suggestions as for how to fill it. In order to find if there are any gaps in the market I had to carry out some research. To start of I wrote up a basic questionnaire to ask the public to find out what it is that the consumers want. A copy of the questionnaire is labelled as appendix 1. I also carried out research on existing products in order to find out which chocolates are currently unopposed in the chocolate market and how we can oppose them but have little amount of rivals. Within this report I shall also be suggesting possible marketing strategies and production strategies for the suggested product. Section A Is there a gap in the chocolate market? My research showed firstly that the most popular type of chocolate was white chocolate followed closely by milk chocolate. ...read more.


Place - the product should be sold in Sainsbury's, Tesco and Asda. It will also be sold in newsagents and corner shops, as well as petrol stations and smaller supermarkets. The way the item is sold will depend on the shop. This is because most people shop in major supermarkets and the product will be seen more and also a lot of people occasionally go to newsagents to buy things and the product will also be seen there. To get the products from the company warehouse to the shops I would have them taken by lorries to the superstores regional distribution centres, and for the little shops I would have them taken to the wholesalers. This is so that we do not have to take them to each individual shop. Promotion - I suggest to promote RAINBOWZ with a competition. There will a gold ball in certain chocolate boxes and if these are found then a new RAINBOWZ bike can be won, this bike can promote the chocolate. We will advertise the chocolate box on TV, Radio, posters on the sides at bus stops and on the sides of buildings in town centres. We would also communicate with the public, by asking them if they enjoy the product. ...read more.


I would also like to have tasting sessions around the UK in order to promote the products and to let the public know about them. Public Relations. I would suggest sending boxes of the new chocolate to respected radio stations to get them to mention the products on radio and Promote the product further more. Sponsorship In order to help promote the product would suggest sponsoring a popular children's TV show or cartoon. I would also suggest getting some sponsorship boards at heavily supported football clubs as many people watch football and will see the sponsorship boards. This is so that as much attraction is made towards the product as possible. Direct Marketing I would probably suggest not using as much direct marketing as other companies but may choose to send out leaflets to some houses in the UK. This is because other companies end out packages to the public but do not spend as much money on other sources of marketing. We should have spent enough money on other areas of marketing that we may not feel the need to contact our consumers directly. But advertising on TV may cost too much so if this was the case I would suggest reverting to using direct marketing instead. Sponsoring may also cost too much so I would suggest looking at other marketing sources such as having ads in children's magazines if this was to happen. ...read more.

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