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is there a scope for a new business

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For my coursework I've decided to do a chocolate shop. This shop will contain the best chocolate in the world. As well as selling different chocolate brands I will also make my own chocolate. My business is going to be located in the Bournemouth Square. This is the centre of Bournemouth. Bournemouth is a city which is visited by loads of tourists each year. I might need to relocate my business because it might be very expensive. Although I will try to locate my business in the Bournemouth square. I have chosen this particular area because I know that many people hang around in Bournemouth. ...read more.


I will also make chocolate. You will be able to tell me how much chocolate you want. And what favour, and I will make it. Some people will come in not wanting chocolate. Therefore I will also sell a bit of sweets, ice cream, and coffee as well as other drinks. I will also be selling 'Gift Chocolates'. These are chocolate figures that I will make after the customer tells me what he/she wants. I will wrap them and they will be ready for the customer, to give a sweet lovely present. ...read more.


1. Are you male or female? Male female 2. How old are you? 10-12 13-15 16-18 19-21 22-25 26-30 31+ 3. How often do you find yourself walking around in Bournemouth Square? Every day Once a week Once every 2 weeks Once a month Almost never. 4. How often do you eat chocolate? Every day Once a week Once every 2 weeks Once a month Almost never. 5. How much would you be willing to spend at once in a chocolate shop? Less than �1.00 �.1.01- �2.00 �2.01- �3.00 �3.01-�4.00 �4.01- �5.00 more than �5.01 6. Would you be willing to give your friend a chocolate figure for his/hers celebration? Yes No 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. ...read more.

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