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Job roles and working arrangements

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Every person in the business has a job to do. Every job has got a different job role than others. It could differ in several ways: * The duty carried out by different person * How responsible can the jobholder be without taking the permission * The job security, how secure your job is * The type of decisions that a job holder has to make * The skills and qualifications needed by a job holder in order to get a job * Benefits and the wages that the job holder gets. Job levels in a business (Carysforth C and Nield M (2002) GCSE applied business for edexcel hieneman) pg163 The pyramid is used to categorise the jobs at BHX. The pyramid is often used because the pyramid gets smaller the higher up you go and bigger the lower down you go. So there are less people in the top of the pyramid and there are more people as you go lower down the pyramid. Two advantages of job description are: * "Drawing up a job description gives BHX the opportunity to think carefully about the job role. This helps to ensure that the best person is recruited in BHX. * Job applicants and the job holders can see the job description and they will know exactly what to do. Two disadvantages of job description are: * It is almost impossible to list every single type of task and activity a job holder may be asked to carry out. For that reason, most job descriptions include a 'catch all' at the end. * A job description doesn't always accurately indicate the variety of work undertaken by the job holder. Some tasks may be done everyday, but others may be done only once a week, or every year." (Carysforth C and Nield M (2002) GCSE applied business for edexcel hieneman) Job roles of Owners/Directors In BHX owners/directors have the most responsibility because they are the most important person in BHX. ...read more.


Managers are much higher on the pyramid. Also they get more benefits and they get more paid than the operatives. Manager's main duty is to manage the staff at BHX. To do that they need to tell the operatives what to do. But operative's main duty is to produce a high quality work for BHX under the deadline. Manager has to make some decisions about BHX whereas the operative has to make a quick decision only in their working area. This is because the managers are more important then operatives. Also they are higher then operatives on the pyramid. There are also differences between manager's working arrangements and operatives working arrangements. For example Sue Timothy who is a personnel manager at BHX has a permanent contract with BHX. She has a full time contract which means she works there from 9am till 5:30pm. She also gets a company car and other benefits. She gets about 22 holidays every year. It is written on her contract of employment. Whereas Doreen Fryer who is an aircraft cleaner at BHX has a temporary contract. She has part time contract which means she works there for about 4 hours a day. She works shifts. The amount of holidays she gets all depends on number of hours she works. Again there are differences between manager and operatives. This is because managers are more important to Bhx then operatives. Also they are much higher up in the pyramid then the operatives. Managers also cost quite lot then operatives. BIRMINGHAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT LIMITED JOB DESCRIPTION DIVISION: DEPARTMENT: Human Resources POST TITLE: Human Resources Administrator GRADE: C - career grade DATE: January 2006 Job Purpose Complying with Birmingham International Airport Limited employment policies and procedures and recognised best human resources practice; to provide an efficient and effective human resources administration service, that that is customer driven, proactive, flexible, facilitates workable solutions and supports the Company in the achievement of its objectives. ...read more.


The handbook explains the procedure in full. Grievance: If you have a grievance relating to your employment, you have the right to express this in accordance with the company's grievance procedure. This procedure is described fully in the Employee Handbook. (School resources) Above here is a contract of employment for BHX. It's a very important document. In The contract it has the name of the employee, job title, salary, number of hours the employee has to work, holidays, and all the benefits the employee gets. Both the employee and the employer should obey the contract. Employees must sign the contact as a proof that the employee is agreeing with the contract. If either the employer or the employee breaks the contract than the employer or the employee can take an action on the person who is breaking the contract. An organisational chart is a diagram which shows job titles of the employees and their relationship with each other. If you go across the organisational chart this shows all the employees who are working at the same level. If you go down the organisational chart this shows employees for whom a supervisor is responsible for. In BHX each department has their own organisational chart. Having an organisational chart has some advantages and disadvantages to BHX. Here are some advantages: * The chart tells how BHX is organised and how many departments are there in BHX. * It tells us who is the manager, who is the supervisor and who works in each department in BHX. * It also tells us that how much staff does each staff have Here are some disadvantages: * BHX often recruit staff and the organisational chart may not be up to date. * The chart can't tell how well are BHX doing and who is working harder then the other. * The chart does not tell who has got the most power in BHX. ...read more.

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