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Job roles are appointed to each individual employee in McDonalds and it is important the employee caries out this specific job role

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Job roles are appointed to each individual employee in McDonalds and it is important the employee caries out this specific job role to the best of his/her ability. It is also important to carry out these roles to ensure McDonald's run smoothly and efficiently. Working arrangements is the time and location and terms an individual employee must work. These working arrangements will vary to each individual as some employees may do part time work while others do full time work. Job roles vary to different employees. Some employees have more power than others and so have more responsibilities. This level of power in McDonalds can be shown in a hierarchal. McDonalds Pyramid Structure The pyramid structure of McDonalds is a diagram (pyramid) showing the different levels of power each employee has within McDonalds. McDonalds use a pyramid structure to show the powers of different members of staff. The pyramid shows the flow of information from top to bottom. The person with the highest power within McDonalds is placed at the top of the pyramid and the person with the lowest level of power is placed at the bottom of the pyramid. There are two types of pyramids these are tall and flat pyramids. A tall pyramid is used by larger organisations such as McDonalds. A tall pyramid consists of more levels and more power as you go higher up. A flat pyramid is used by smaller organisations, and consists of less levels and the amount of power the top person has is considerably less than the amount of power that the top person has in a tall pyramid. ...read more.


The qualifications expected by an operative are minimal. The pay for an operative is quite low as the jobs carried out are simple. Crew Member A crew member has several responsibilities they must serve customers, provide excellent customer service, perform general kitchen duties and take part in annual stock take. The job description of an employee is one that is very simple. They must process customer orders for payment, collect and pack customer orders and provide customers with information and advice about products within McDonalds. There are two types of contracts these are permanent and temporary. The level of job security is dependant on the type of contract the employee has agreed to. A temporary job has a finishing date of work. So the amount of time the employee can work for is fixed. This offers minimum job security, however a permanent job offers a greater level of job security as the date that the employee finishes working is not fixed. The only way in which the employee can loose his or her job is by either getting sacked or by resigning. A crew member plays a minimum role in decision making as the only decision the crew member makes is how to pack a customers order. The skills and qualifications a crew member is expected to have is to have G.C.S.Es in English and maths. The crew member is also expected to have good customer service skills along with having commitment to hard work and being a team worker. Previous work experience is not necessary. ...read more.


Your place of work can sometimes vary depending on what you work as. An operative of McDonalds will almost always be located in the restaurant this is a fixed place of work. This is also included on your employment contract. Your payment is included in your employment contract. It will also state of the pay is annual or hourly. Holidays are given to employees and they can be taken at any time, however their holiday time is limited as when the employees are on holiday they are still getting paid. Any days taken off after your holiday will not be paid for. Different employees will have different benefits. If an employee works far away from their place of work they are given a company car. Medical and life insurance are very likely to be covered by McDonalds. Flexible hours are important to McDonalds. This is because it keeps there employees less stressed and so are more happy to work and that adds to a happier working environment. When an employee is able to come in at a later time and so get other jobs out of the way such as dropping off children to school they are a lot happier and so are able to get on with their jobs better. Family Flexi Working Family flexi working is when there are two or members of a family working in McDonalds, and the agreement allows them to cover each others shifts. The advantage to this is that family members can take time off when needed, however the disadvantage to this is that it does not always work as both family members may have to take time off work at the same time. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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