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Job roles in various functions

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Job Roles in Various Business Function Marketing Director * In charge of all marketing sections such as: Marketing Research, Product Policy, Promotion, Sales and the Distribution of goods. * Liaise with accountants (what prices to charge). * Dealing with the corporate image. * Have meeting with managing director, marketing directors' boss and the director of production. This is so they can coordinate our policies into strategy for the whole company. Marketing Research Manager * Finding out what the public thinks about your present products and what they want in the future. * Forecasting. * Sometimes industrial research in what trade thinks. * If have big job, go to research agency for help. ...read more.


* Occasionally go to sales meetings at head office. Area Sales Manager * Work for sales director * Responsible for all sales activities in the six stores in my area. * Visit each store to discuss any problem and make sure targets are being set. * Discuss current recruitment and training of sales staff, sales targets and any new had office invitations once a month. * Once a year discuss new sale targets and other matters with director and other area managers. Sales Assistant * Get to know all about the products. * Be able to explain things to customers. * Have sales training at store and be able to understand the importance of listening to the customer rather than just talking at him or her. ...read more.


Production Manager * In charge of the production lines of the business. * Report directly to the production director. * Work with sales manager - lets you know about any problems * Talk regularly with other departmental managers * Deal with finance manager. Production line employee * Do job's such as: seat covers, although they like women for this job because you need to be nimble-fingered. * Kept an eye on and work we do by supervisor. Payroll Assistant * Work as wage clerk in finance office. * Work out wages manually. * Most jobs computerised. * Enter hours worked by each employee. * Work out cash analysis. * Get right notes and coins from bank. Credit Controller * Work at supervisory level. * Make sure those customers we sell to on credit will pay up. * Have to vet new customers very carefully. ...read more.

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