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Joseph Holts Brewery business Studies Coursework

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Joseph Holts Brewery business Studies Coursework Introduction. This report is based on Joseph Holts Brewery a Manchester Company dating back to 1849. The company own very traditional public houses but has over the last few years has looked to the future and is making changes their business plan. The company decided that a number of its units should sell a larger range of products from other suppliers and studied at the costs under unit manager's control. The new products and the controlling of costs have to be backed up with training and to some extent this has been done with the permanent managers on a trial basis using outside consultants. In their book 'Essential Managers Manual' Robert Heller and Tim Hindle stated ' despite the expense involved in training it is cheaper than the cost of persisting without it, which will be damaging to performance.' In our company it is not only the permanent Managers that control costs but their replacements. So by identifying a training need for the Relief Management team will help the company reach its business goals. THE ROLE The Relief Manager has the role temporary unit management in the manager's absence sometimes in very hard circumstances, such as a dismissal of the permanent manager. ...read more.


For example the method of staff appraisal, too many managers see this a chore and the employee gives false feedback to try and impress. In a Dilbert book by Douglas Adams that said "they are like finding a dead squirrel in your garden and throwing over your neighbours fence, who promptly flings it right back because he thinks it is the right thing to do, everyone is happy except the dead squirrel". So to identify training need we have to look at the perceived problem with a number of methods. In this case, I have collected the data from face to face interviews with a number of Managers. A questionnaire on attitudes and personal views on performances also completed. The benchmark standards of company and results actually returned whilst involved with the management in a unit were compared. In their book 'Identifying training needs' Tom Boydell and Malcolm Leary state that there are three levels of training instruction, Implementing (the being competent at existing requirements of position), Improving (Having and using improved skills and processes) and Innovating (able to work differently and create new ways of working). In the case of the Relief management team here at Joseph Holts the training operates on the first level to improve we need training at the second level. ...read more.


We see that two of the Relief Managers need personalized coaching and guidance to bring them to a competent level of the rest of the team. The team should ideally have a training improve standards. The exercise has also shown that in all training undertaken the need to highlight the important role of the Relief Managers and make them aware of their importance in controlling costs. The Relief Managers need to feel part of the company and senior management make themselves known. Also need to plan and design a succinct training program to cover all aspects of cost control with the production of an individual unit Handbook to be part of the ongoing training routine. Conclusion "Business should embrace certain truths: death, Taxes and change." Sunday Business Supplement (21/10/01) and through good communication and training the changes in business can be effectively managed. This exercise is to identify a training need in our organization as coupled with fact most Relief Managers are performing at a lower standard than unit Managers, point to this need. As 42% want to become permanent Managers a training program is an investment in them and the company Training in the dictionary sense is 'to undergo or follow a course of instruction and discipline'. A training program would give Joseph Holts more cost focused and disciplined Relief Managers and in the future, cost savings. . ...read more.

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