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Juguar’s Method of Communication.

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JUGUAR'S METHOD OF COMMUNICATION Question 1 Communication is about sending and receiving information. Employees, managers and departments communicate with each other every day in business. Good communication is vital for the efficient running of a business. Within a business, there are both formal and informal channels of communication. Firstly, have a view at formal communication. It can be divided into three forms: downwards, upwards and laterally. 1. Downwards communication has, in the past, been used to tell employees about decisions that have already been made. The importance of downwards communication can be proved by the four points: first, allow decisions by manager to be carried out by employees; second, ensures that action is consistent and co-ordinated; third, reduces costs because fewer mistakes should be made; fourth, would lead to greater effectiveness and profitability as a result of the above. 2. Upwards communication can help in decision-making. The following evidence can show this well: first, it helps managers to understand employees' concerns; second, it helps managers to keep more in touch with employees' attitudes and values; third, it can alert managers to potential problems; fourth, it can provide managers with the information that they need for decision making and gives feedback on the effects of previous decisions; fifth, it helps employees ...read more.


For example, if the supervisors of Jaguar cannot realize the value of each employee, it is hard to arrange them into right positions and exert their real abilities. Third, the bosses cannot be alerted to the potential problems. This problem will become more serious when the crisis is coming. Fourth, the information that needed for decision making and feedback on the effects of previous decisions are not received as expected cause the employees think it is not their responsibility to give information or feedback to the organizations. Fifth, the employees cannot be motivated cause they are lack for the feeling of trust and participating. They will not work harder and harder as in their mind, the profits of the organization are not affected by them. Sixth, the feedback on the effectiveness of downward communication and how it can be improved will not be provided. In summary, there will be many problems if the bosses are not sufficiently 'open', so in order to avoid these problems and attain full success, passing all the available information becomes necessary. Question 3 There are about five benefits if directors or seniors staff making themselves directly accessible for communication. ...read more.


Take Jaguar as a example, the message is send level by level. Every week supervisors are told by their factory director what the company has done in the previous week, what has been achieved and any action that has been taken within the company. The supervisors in turn cascade this information to their teams. A video is produced every quarter dealing with some aspects of the company -- its present market position, future plans and so on. A director is present to answer questions. The directors also introduced family evenings where employees would be invited in groups to visit the factories with their families. There also will be a presentation showing how the cars were made, a souvenir book about all the different models produced and the evening finished with a meal. The main method Jaguar used is passing information step by step: mangers - directors - supervisors - employees, with the assistance of showing, presentation and internal media such as video, book, etc. According to the example, it is clear that cascade is transferring message from superiors to subordinates. People In Organization Name: WenWen TANG Case Study No.2 - April 2002 Page 1of 6 ...read more.

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