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Kingdom Development Functional areas.

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Kingdom Development Functional areas Staff at Kingdom Development. At Kingdoms Development they have 1 director but they have about 10 staff who works part time during the week. About 3-4 staff works in the garage putting the body kits on the car. They are about 6-7 people working in the shop helping people to find what they want and to order something for them if it has run out of stock. The only reason why there is only one directors is because it is a lot easier to have a business with just on directors because all the business which have more than 1 director always fail and have to close down. Finance The boss of the Kingdom Development handles with Finance. He stores all the files and letters up in his correct draws. ...read more.


These things won't be covered as well as a large company will because a large company has more staff and they have more time to look at these things. The people in the garage are off course trained to do their jobs. Because you can't just do it if you don't know what you are doing. You need to study for a long time. Customer service. The director normally decide on how the customer should be treated for example if he knows the customer well he will bound to treat him / her better than someone that he dosen't know. But it is normally down to the staff to respond to customers needs or their complaints. ...read more.


Research and Development. At Kingdom development the director normally does the research by looking at other companies body kit and their prices. For example a K-Tec racing has just launched their new body kit for Corsa and lots of people are getting the kit. The director of Kingdom Development will be looking at the kit carefully and analysis it to see why it is so popular and then make a similar kit but a better on. The development bit will be up to the people working in the garage because they will know if a kit doesn't fit properly. So they can change the kit so that it fits perfectly on the car. The lifestyle of people in Kingdom Development are really different to Nokia because Nokia has way more people . So they can take it easy and not rush. ...read more.

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