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Land Rover and Tesco - Suggest and justify changes that could be made in each area of the two companies to change it for the better.

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INTRODUCTION Now I have looked at and explained the individual areas of Land Rover and Tesco and also compared the two and stated the main differences and similarities, I am going to suggest and justify changes that could be made in each area of the two companies to change it for the better. OWNERSHIP Tesco could form a partnership if the owner decides to team up with 2 or more people to increase the input of ideas into Tesco. A partnership is when two to twenty people join together to run a business. Each member has an equal share and say in the business, solicitors and accountants are the most often to be seen as a partnership. Brothers paring up is common. The advantages and disadvantages of a partnership are as follows: ADVANTAGES * Having partners can be less stressful than being a sole trader. Partners are available to cover for holidays and during periods of illness. * Partnerships normally find it easier to raise capital than sole traders do. There are more owners to invest money, and banks may be more willing to lend to partners. ...read more.


Tesco should aim to locate in as many different countries as possible, maximising the total profit. The more area the stores cover the more customers they get and the higher their profit Tesco should also think about locating, maybe a Tesco express in small villages in the country to bring convenience to the area and to increase their popularity with the shoppers. ACTIVITY Tesco runs most efficiently and smoothly as it stands, not many improvements can be made to improve this area. They already sell the majority of grocery and financial packages, but there is one area that they do not cater for. The one thing that could be changed is that they could start a new store (like they have set up the Tesco express and metro) and sell mainly tools and D.I.Y. materials and maybe a section for gardening and landscaping, the store would be like a B&Q sort of place and may experience a lot of competition, but I think that the new venture could be a success and Tescos would then cover another part of the market that it currently doesn't . ...read more.


By making this change Land Rover would cut its cost of transport and will benefit from extra custom. By decreasing the cost of exporting the company would make an overall larger profit. ACTIVITY Land Rover are the leading 4x4 cars sales company in the country and make the best quality all terrain vehicles in the world Land Rover produces many thousands of cars per year and do not offer any insurance policy in case customers have an accident. Even though Land Rover would have to pay out repair money to claimants the total amount of money paid into the schemes would outweigh the total amount of money paid out, therefore If Land Rover gave an option of an accident insurance policy they could, overall, increase their profit. AIMS & OBJECTIVES Land Rover have many aims and objectives, one is to make a profit, if Land Rover make the changes I have suggested I believe that their profit will be increased by a considerable amount and the business would run much more efficiently and smoothly with the safety net of a large income if their future ventures fail. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Cadman 10NT A3 UNIT ONE 1 KCN Double Award Business Studies ...read more.

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