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Launching a Cafe Chain

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Contents * Action plan p 3 * A definition of marketing p 4 - 5 * Questionnaire p 6 * Why did I use a questionnaire p 7 * My competitors p 8 * Questionnaire results p 9 - 10 * Main ways of promotion p 11 * Marketing plan p 12 Action plan Number Task Done 1 Investigate the process you would go through before opening your shop: * What information you would need to find out, and how would you set about collecting it. (ACTION PLAN) 2 * Having gathered this information and analysed what it means, might you alter your original ideas for the business? (ACTION PLAN) 3 * Presuming you went ahead with the shop, how would you attract your customers? How could you advertise and promote your business? (ACTION PLAN) 4 Write a brief definition of marketing. 5 Write what sources you get the definition from. 6 Draft a suitable questionnaire, which will give you your target market and products/ services they require, and send them out. 7 Explain why you produced a questionnaire, and state why you hope to gain from it. 8 Discuss the various other methods of market research you could have used. 9 Visit a shop or shops similar to the type you have chosen to open, answer the following: * The name of the shop, its type, and its aims. * Its location and how important you consider this to be with regard to shops success. * The range of goods/services it offers. * Are there any ways in which its target market would effect the shops location, and the range of goods/services it sells? ...read more.


Every day ? When appropriate ? 3. What would you do if you didn't have the Internet caf� available? Use your pc if you have one ? Use a friends pc ? Buy a pc ? Nothing ? 4. Do you have any children that live with you and would use the Internet caf�? Yes ? No ? 5. Do you think you would use the caf� a lot? Yes ? No ? 6. Would you like food and drinks served at the Internet caf�? Yes ? No ? 7. What would you use the Internet caf� for? Social activities ? Chatting on the internet ? E-mail ? Research ? Just for the food and/or drink ? Other ? Why did I use a questionnaire? I chose a questionnaire to use for my marketing campaign because it provides me with a positive reaction to various questions asked. With this type marketing campaign, people are being advised about the company, whilst also gathering information about what people want from the business, and it is very cost effective. People actually absorb the information as they read the questionnaire and it does seem to clearly promote the business. A questionnaire is better than distributed leaflets, because these are normally disposed of immediately, whereas with a questionnaire the respondent is actually asked if they have time to fill one out immediately unless the company sends it through the post, thus giving us a positive reaction From the questionnaire I am expecting to gather various information such as: * What age group the customers fit into. ...read more.


Although this is very cheap, it wouldn't generate the degree of awareness the business would need to survive. The Businesses name is "Appleton's" because it is a fresh name and it is quite catchy. I propose to promote Appleton's by opening the caf� in Wimbledon village and hire staff to distribute little gifts and leaflets to celebrate the opening of Appleton's. Appleton's is going to be advertised on billboards in Wimbledon town, which will cost �200 for two weeks. Leaflets will be distributed around the local area, which will cost �15 for someone to deliver them. An advert will also be placed in local newspapers, which will cost �150. To summarise, the total cost of promoting Appleton's is calculated as follows: Billboard advertising � 200.00 Newspaper adverts � 150.00 Promotional gifts � 100.00 + Leaflet distribution � 15.00 Leaflet production � 4.00 Total � 469.00 The total cost of �469.00 is very cheap for this type of advertising scheme and will sit very comfortably within my financial budgets. Eventually when the company has substantial cash flow and more capital, I propose to expand the business all over the UK. This will undoubtedly lead to a proposed stock market listing, and I intend to retain 51% of the shares to be held in an offshore account. The 51% retention of shareholding will enable me to be in control of the company and the offshore account will be beneficial for tax reasons. The long term plan will be to open Appleton's Internationally by issuing franchises for an agreed sum, hopefully Appleton's will become a world leader in this market. ?? ?? ?? ?? James McMullen G.C.S.E. Business Studies coursework - 1 - ...read more.

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