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Le carolo Business

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Le Carolo: small business The three main activities of Le Carolo are a quality French cuisine shop, outside catering and a sandwich shop called 'Go Gourmet. The owner of the business is Stephan Lablaine, who himself is a French person; he is very keen to introduce French cuisine to Britain and is very protective about who works for him. He started as a small shop selling French quality food in 2000, it this year in 2007 that the business expanded as a sandwich shop just a few hundred meters away called 'Go Gourmet'. Le Carolo uses the best imported products from France such as cheese, fine wines, frog's legs and snails etc. The target markets are older members of society, primarily over 40+'s with a higher disposable income to spend on luxury items such as French foods. Le Carolo makes most of its money from outside catering, this includes catering for parties, business meetings, weddings, birthdays and also the local hospital Lambert memorial community hospital. Even though on average Go Gourmet serves about 100 people a day and Le Carolo serve about 10 people a day, Le Carolo makes a lot more money because the average spend per head is about �150 whereas as Go Gourmet its about �3 per head. ...read more.


This is what is known as a SMART aim because its: Specific, he wants to spend more time with his family. Measurable, he will be able to check the books at the end of each financial year to check that they are on target. Achievable, at the current rate he is working at he will easily be able to achieve his aim within 5 years. Realistic, he hasn't set the bar to high. Time Constricted, he wants to achieve is aim in 5 years. To achieve this aim he will need to set and objective to make the aim more achievable, this is to keep the business's profits maximised for the full 5 years, Although it does not seem that his aim if very ambitious, it will still be hard work to keep the business running smoothly and efficiently to maximise the profits. It is important for Stephan to set these aims and objectives because he will then know how far he is of from achieving his ultimate goal to spend more time with his family, it is easy to see that he is successful in meeting his objectives so far because ...read more.


If a new partner were to be taken on by Stephan, there would hopefully be new skills and ideas brought along with the new partner such as new ideas for menus and how to make certain new products. He would certainly need to change his aims and objectives to suit the new needs of the business, the first one may be to train the new partner to his required specifications, and on a much wider scale for the new partner to manage a chain of shops in another town or city, of course doing this would impact heavily on his life as training a new partner, and possibly opening a new chain of shops would mean not selling the business in 5 years and he would definitely not be able to see is children anymore than he does now and most likely even less, considering this it seems unlikely that he would change his current aims and objectives because then he would not see is family which is something he would not want to do Joe Ingham, 10JWA1 ...read more.

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