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LEARNING AGREEMENT AN EXAMPLE Customer Needs Instructions: * There are 4 parts to a Learning Agreement. You must remember to complete every section since marks will be awarded for each section. Sections in a Learning Agreement Remarks Marks Allocated Objective(s) This is where you determine 'What' you want to learn from a particular department 15% Strategies The 'Strategies' is where you determine 'How' you are going to achieve your objective(s) or the information required to fulfill your learning. 15% Assessor Comments You will have to submit this to your Manager(s) for their comments and signature & company stamp. (When submitting this to your manager(s), you need not show them the Students Reflections, just your objectives and strategies) 5% Student Reflections This is where you develop a report on your objective(s) - this is where you can also develop the learning outcomes. 65% * No part of this report may be reproduced, in any form or by any means. Work submitted based on any of the examples may be awarded no marks. LEARNING AGREEMENT Student Name : Ms H Department : XYZ Coffee House Assessor : Mr. Mo Subject Area : Customer Needs Objective(s) * To find out the factors that contribute in satisfying customer's needs Strategies for achieving the objectives 1. Observe how the senior staff communicate and deal with difficult guests. 2. Discuss with colleagues to find out what are the likes/dislikes of the regular or repeat guests 3. Be alert in anticipating guest's needs. 4. Use 'Guest Comment Card' regularly to find out customer's satisfaction level. 5. ...read more.


This also creates a more friendly atmosphere for the guest and make their dining experience more enjoyable. It is also widely known that the Japanese prefer conversing in their own mother tongue than other language. Likewise, I noticed that the waiters here took the initiative to learn up Dutch language as the hotel do receive many Dutch guest from KLM. Most of these guest have praised the waiters at XYZ Coffee House for their ability to speak in their language. As a result they enjoy the company of the employees in this hotel and always look forward to return as a regular guest. Social skills My own definition of an effective social skill is the ability to put a smile on the guest's face as they leave the restaurant. This is declaration that they had a satisfying experience dining with us. In order to achieve this I gathered that we must be familiar with their personality, know their likes or dislikes and anticipate their needs. There was a time during my training in this department, when Rachel, my Station Captain noticed an elderly lady preparing to take her medication after having her meal. She offered the elderly lady a glass of plain warm water as she was about to take her pills. Rachel was able to anticipate her need even before she asked for the glass of water to swallow the pills. This is a fine example of going the 'extra mile' for the guest. ...read more.


Guest Comment Card The Guest Comment Card is one way to measure satisfaction level as it provides feedback from the customer. It provides information to the staff on how to improve their service better and provide greater satisfaction to the guest the next time. On a different note, the card also makes the customer feel appreciated. By writing down their comments, it allows them to perceive that the hotel does value their opinion. Furthermore, if it was a good comment, the hotel will sure be recommended by the guest through word of mouth. This eventually generates more customers for the hotel in the future. TIPS I once read somewhere that the full term for TIPS is To Insure Prompt Service. The western culture practice in giving tips personally to the waiting staff and always feel obligated to do this every time they dine out. ("Tips on tipping", Daniel Rogov; http://www.stratsplace.com/rogov/tips_on_tipping.html) I noticed some of the staff here were greatly motivated by tips that it brought about an obvious difference between serving a Caucasian and a local guest. This should not be the situation as all guest regardless of where they are from should be treated equally. However, I believe that receiving tips from the guest is not a crime if it does motivate them to provide the highest level of satisfaction to customer needs. After going through my training in this outlet, I have found how essential it is to provide customer's needs. I would say that it is a chain reaction as one satisfied guest generates future potential customers to the hotel. Therefore, satisfying every patron's needs should be a top priority. ...read more.

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